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Not to be confused with the Pismashio from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Pistachio (开心果; pinyin: kāixīn guǒ) is a Tier 1 plant only available in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It attacks zombies by shooting lasers at them. It is unlocked by collecting 30 Pistachio Puzzle Pieces.


Pistachio evolves into Hazelnut, who further evolves into Hazelnut Ball.

Plant Food effect


Low Level Heal

Low Level Heal: Heals all plants for three turns. It needs Gentle Plant Food to be activated.



  • In reality, the shell of the pistachio is beige colored, but it is sometimes dyed red or green for sold pistachios.
  • Something similar to this can be seen in Mixed Nuts, though it is vertical instead of horizontal, and its eyes are also vertical. The version in Mixed Nuts resembles this more than Pismashio.
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