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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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A plague has swept this era.
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Pirate Seas - Level 5-1 is the fifth level of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies Online.


  • Zombies appear slightly more crowded than previous levels. The player should set up their attacks and defense quick and correctly.


  • Start normally. Have at least 3 Twin Sunflowers. You can then plant on top of them for more. Meanwhile, prepare yourself some Wall-nuts, Spring Beans and two Snapdragons in the second and fourth lane to spread out the damage like in the previous levels.
    • Spring Beans should be placed on plankless lanes to stop Swashbuckler Zombies, while Wall-nuts should be planted on plank lanes, especially those with tough zombies. Continue planting Snapdragons in other lanes to increase your attack power.
  • As the Iceberg Lettuce is free, it can be used for delaying. However, as Snapdragon will remove the freezing effect, this will not be very effective later on. Use it to the first zombies would be effective for delaying at the beginning. (Don't let Snapdragon's fire affects these first zombies until the freezing effect wears off.)
  • Use Spring Bean's Plant Food effect to bounce all zombies into the water if nearby. However, watch out for the zombies, as plants here are not invicible during its Plant Food ability.



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