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Pirate Seas - Level 3-3 is the second spin-off level of Level 3-1 of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies Online. To get all 3 stars, the player must produce at least 3500 sun and not to lose any lawn mowers. When this level is finished for the first time, the player will get 5 Spikeweed Puzzle Pieces.


  • The player should be used to the frequency of zombies in levels like this for now. However, the Gargantuar Pirate once again makes its appearance. The player should be reminded that the Gargantuars in this game cannot be damaged by Potato Mines, as it will also destroy the Potato Mine before it makes contact with it. Because of that, the player is forced to use the help of Snapdragon's Plant Food effect and use Potato Mines to beat the summoned Imp Pirate Zombies.


  • Start normally. Plant as many Twin Sunflowers as you can during the level.
  • The first zombie can be destroyed with Potato Mine. Meanwhile, start setting your defense at the second lane with the Wall-nut and Snapdragon combo. Do the same with the fourth lane. This will spread the Snapdragons' range to every lane on the lawn.
  • When the first Swashbuckler Zombie comes, quickly plant an another Snapdragon on the fourth lane. As only Swashbuckler Zombies can come from plankless lanes for now, this lane is now fully protected. Start planting more Snapdragons for other lanes as well, except for the first one.
  • The first lane does not have many zombies. Use Venus Flytrap to block defeat the zombies in that lane while keep planting on the middle lane, where there will be an upcoming Buckethead Pirate.
  • Gargantuar Pirate cannot be damaged by Potato Mines in this game. You can use them to plant at the back and prepare to instant-kill the incoming summoned Imp Pirate Zombie (or Wall-nut in case of emergency). For the Gargantuar itself, defeat it with Snapdragon's Plant Food effect.
  • Don't forget to produce as much sun as you can to earn the star. Upon encountering the final zombie (not the Gargantuar), try to stall it and dig up all the plants that can damage it while planting more Twin Sunflowers and gain yourself some sun first.



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