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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.
For the international version of this level, see Pirate Seas - Day 4.
For the level before the v1.8 update, see Pirate Seas - Day 4 (Chinese version: pre-1.8).
"I love the smell of coconut cannons in the morning! Smells like... well, coconuts."

Crazy Dave

Pirate Seas - Day 4 is the fourth level of Pirate Seas in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is the first Cannons Away level, the Brain Busters exclusive to Pirate Seas. In this level and any other Cannons Away level after that, the player has to defeat Seagull Zombies with five Coconut Cannons, and they have to reach a certain number of points to complete the level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player a number of coins depending on the score.

In the normal mode of this level, the player has to beat the score of 5000 points.

Dialogue (intro)

(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: I love the smell of coconut cannons in the morning!
Crazy Dave: Smells like... well, coconuts.
(Crazy Dave leaves)


This level is rather easy, as Seagull Zombies move fairly slowly in this level, and the target score is rather low.


  • Study the pattern of the Seagull Zombies in which they are and fire the Coconut Cannon near it to get more combos.
  • Fire when a lot of Seagull Zombies are in front of a usable Coconut Cannon to increase your score.
  • The Seagull Zombies will fly out of the lawn after a period of time. You can try to kill them all and try to not let any of them escape.
  • Spamming the Coconut Cannons is not a very viable strategy, as they can miss and cost you combos later on. Be patient and wait for a lot of Seagull Zombies to come near a Coconut Cannon, then fire.




  • If the player fails to complete the objective, there will be "Penny is not impressed with your score!" text instead of "The zombies ate your brains!" or anything else.
    • This applies to any other Cannons Away levels.
  • This level has a total of 83 Seagull Zombies.

In the hard mode of this level, the player has to beat the target score of 40,000.


The player may have some trouble catching up with the Seagull Zombies. However, once the player has been familiar with the zombies' speed, they can earn points easily.


Try to get as many combos as you can. This level is just as simple and easy as the others so getting tons of combos should not be very difficult.



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