Prior to the 7.4 update, Pirate Seas - Day 34 was the 34th day of Pirate Seas. The level is a Last Stand level, where the player is given 1600 sun. Additionally, another challenge is in place during this level: "Don't lose more than one plant". Upon completing the level, the player receives a Pirate Seas Piñata.

As of the 7.4 update, level expansions were removed from the world maps and placed into epic quests. Because of this, this level is no longer accessible from the map, and must be accessed when the epic quest is available.


This level is extremely difficult to pass without specific strategies and leveled up plants. An addition of a non-Brain Busters objective, absence of lawn mowers, and zombies present form the difficulty of the level. To begin, the player only receives 1600 sun, which is not a lot to defeat zombies such as Gargantuar Pirates or Barrelhead Zombies. In addition, the player cannot lose more than 1 plant, meaning some plants like Blover or other instant use plants can only be used once. This also means the player cannot dig up more than one plant for more sun to use during the level. The first Gargantuar Pirate can be troublesome, since it cannot bounced into the water with Spring Bean. However, the player is supplied with some Plant Food, so put it to good use.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Pirate Zombie2.png2 Pirate Zombie2.png Conehead Pirate2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Pelican Zombie2.png5 None
2 Conehead Pirate2.png Buckethead Pirate2.png Barrelhead Zombie2.png None
3 Pirate Zombie2.png Pirate Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Barrel Roller Zombie2.png Barrel Roller Zombie2.png None
4 Swashbuckler Zombie2.png3 Pirate Captain Zombie2.png Pelican Zombie2.png1 Pelican Zombie2.png5 None
5 Barrel Roller Zombie2.png2 Pirate Captain Zombie2.png3 Barrelhead Zombie2.png1 Pelican Zombie2.png None Carries 1x Plant Food.
6 Gargantuar Pirate2.png2 None
7 Pirate Captain Zombie2.png Barrelhead Zombie2.png Pelican Zombie2.png2 Pelican Zombie2.png4 Pelican Zombie2.png Pelican Zombie2.png None
8 Pirate Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Barrel Roller Zombie2.png1 Barrel Roller Zombie2.png2 Barrel Roller Zombie2.png3 Barrel Roller Zombie2.png4 None
9 Conehead Pirate2.png Barrelhead Zombie2.png1 Barrelhead Zombie2.png2 Barrelhead Zombie2.png3 Barrelhead Zombie2.png4 Pelican Zombie2.png1 Pelican Zombie2.png3 Pelican Zombie2.png5 Pelican Zombie2.png5 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
10 Conehead Pirate2.png Buckethead Pirate2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png Pirate Captain Zombie2.png Gargantuar Pirate2.png1 Gargantuar Pirate2.png4 Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Swashbuckler Zombie2.png Final wave.
Raiding Party!


Strategy 1

By: Snapdragon717

NOTE: Level 3 Laser Bean2.png is REQUIRED for this to work. In addition, this may take a few tries to win with this strategy, you'll see why.

  • Required plants:
    • Laser Bean2.png
    • Spring Bean2.png
    • Blover2.png
    • Chard Guard2.png
    • Aloe2.png
    • Optional: Shadow-shroom2.png
  1. Set up the plants like this: Laser Beans in the back, 1 Spring Bean in any of the lanes on column 2, Chard Guards on column 5, and Aloes on column 4. The jist is to whittle down the hoard, while also progressing until the final wave, where you can use the Spring Bean and Blover combo to get rid of every zombie. However, be careful.
  2. The biggest threat to this strategy is surprisingly the Pirate Captain Zombie. If his parrot steals a plant, restart. You will not win. To avoid this, use your Plant Food on Chard Guards when they're about to be stolen. However, keep at least one Plant Food for last wave.
  3. Shadow-shroom is only optional. In my run, I had a spare Plant Food left so I used Plant Food on it last wave in case some other zombies didn't get blown away.

Strategy 2

By: QEFhjzh

This strategy does not require any premiums, and only require level 2 plants (which you can obtain easily from their respective worlds), and probably works for level 1 plants as well, and no power ups, extra plant foods, or lawn mowers are required.

Before you start the zombie onslaught, you should start with 1600 sun. Fill the back column with Red Stingers except for row 5 where you put a Shadow-shroom. You should be left with 950 sun. On the second column, put a Winter Melon on the second row, a Red Stinger in the 4th and 5th row. Now you should have 150 sun. On the third column, put 3 Spring Beans on row 1, 3, and 5. Here is what your first 3 columns, closest to your house, should look like:

R          SP

R    W

R          SP

R    R

SH  R    SP

R=Red Stinger


SP=Spring Bean

Now start the zombie onslaught. Wait until you see the glowing Buckethead Pirate. Now feed a plant food to the Shadow-shroom. Feed plant food to Shadow-shroom again when the Gargantuar appears. When you see the glowing Pelican Zombie in row 5, feed plant food to Shadow-shroom again. You should be at least 1 plant food now because of the glowing Pelican Zombie in row 5, and the Gargantuar should be taken care of by the Red Stinger, Shadow-shroom, and the Winter Melon. Congratulations, you've passed the hardest part of the level. Now, chill until final wave, then feed plant food to Spring Bean to get rid of the Gargantuars, and then wait until you get your money bag. 

Now, if done correctly, most zombies should be no problem. The Swashbuckler Zombie, Pelican Zombie, and even the Barrel Roller Zombie should be no problem due to the sheer power of the Red Stinger and their general low health. The Bucketheads and the Barrelheads should also be no problem because they will always be poisoned when in the lawn. That leaves the Pirate Captain Zombie, whose parrot will always go for the plant that is furthest away from the house in a row. If it decides to target row 1, 3, or 5, then they will fail as the Spring Bean will simply hide. On row 2 and 4, it is usually safe as there are lots of firepower to the parrot, which will die.

Strategy 3 (Jab Wherever They are)  (Contains gem premium content)

By: Chainut

NOTE : Level 2+ Wall-nut2.png and Level 3+ Homing Thistle2.png is needed in this strategy

  • Required Plant
    • Homing Thistle2.png(Level 3+)
    • Wall-nut2.png(Level 2+)
    • Shrinking Violet2.png
    • Blover2.png

NOTE : RxCy mean Row x Column y respectively.

1. Plant Homing Thistle on R3C1 & R4C1 & C2R4 & R5C2 & C3R5 & R5C4

2. Plant Wall-nut on R4C3 & R5C5

3. Plant Shrinking Violet on R5C1

4. Start the onslaught, Now you will have 100 sun left. All 6 Homing Thistle will be enough to deal with those Zombies or even Zombie Parrot before they come to steal your plant. Do not use any plant food in the fact of you must keep all of them to Final Wave. You will see one Pelican Zombie get really close to your house in the first lane. But don't worry, I sure those Homing Thistle are enough to deal with them before the brain is being eaten.

5. Looking carefully with the Wall-nut on R5C5. If he has a lot degraded, Immediately use Wall-nut First Aid to him. This will not count as a losing plant but your sun will have only 50 left.

6 .When you see the first Gargantuar come further than half way along with a group of Pelican Zombie and Zombie Parrot summoned to steal plant. Immediately use Blover to blow them.

7. After this, You can only use Plant Food since you have no sun left and you cannot lose plant anymore. The next wave when those Barrel Roller Zombie come a bit further than plank and you see 1 Pelican Zombie's mouth appear, Use Plant Food to Shrinking Violet. She will shrink all zombie on the lawn. All of Pelican Zombie will be killed and Barrel Roller Zombie no longer crush plant with Barrel.

8. Final Wave, When you see 2 Gargantuars & Pirate Captain Zombie & All Imps come out from the Barrel, Immediately give a Plant Food to Shrinking Violet again. She will shrink all zombies again. Moreover, she will kill all Imps and Zombie Parrot on the lawn instantly.

9. When a shrunk Gargantuar get near a Wall-nut in R4C3, Immediately give all Plant Food you have left to Homing Thistle on R5C4.

10. If you following all of these step scrupulously, You will explicitly complete this level. Hope you lucky with this stint Last Stand level :)



Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Pirate Seas Day 34

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