For the Chinese version of the level, see Pirate Seas - Ultimate Challenge.
For other levels featuring the Zombot Plank Walker, see Pirate Seas - Day 35 and Modern Day - Day 32.
I've discovered a mysterious trait in your rattletrap time machine. Its temporal signature is nearly identical to my own creations. Explain to me, how was this "Penny" created in the first place?

Dr. Edgar Zomboss

Pirate Seas - Day 25 is the 25th level of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The player must defeat Dr. Zomboss for a second time and the Zombot Plank Walker. When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets the Pirate Seas Trophy.


  • The Zombot can use its cannon attacks to fire seven Imps into random rows.
  • The Zombot can use its charge attacks to destroy all plants and zombies in two rows.


  • As the battle starts, plant the first Coconut Cannon recieved by conveyor belt immediately, as the Zombot Plank Walker will fire its cannon, raining five Imp Pirates in the process.
  • There are times that after firing the cannon, the Zombot will summon the Pirate Captain Zombie alone. Keep on placing plants so that when the Parrot steals one, you have more to repel the zombie along with the Imps.
  • The Cherry Bomb (PvZ2) can be used to stun the Zombot Plank Walker when it's doing it's charge attack.
  • The Zombot Plank Walker has three zombie summoning stages, similar to the Egyptian counterpart. Pirate Captain Zombies, and Zombie Parrots are always summoned regardless of tier.
    • Phase 1 - Only Conehead Pirates are summoned. Two to five of these can be summoned. It is advised that you plant Spikeweeds while the Zombot is summoning them so that after they appeared, they'll be damaged already. These are the only zombies along with the Pirate Captain Zombie that will be summoned until one-third of the health is gone.
    • Phase 2 - Buckethead Pirates and Gargantuar Pirates are finally summoned along with the Conehead Pirates. Try blasting these guys with Coconut Cannons, Cherry Bombs or Snapdragons when fed by Plant Food to prevent further collateral damage. The Plank Walker will only summon these zombies along with the previous tier until two-thirds of its health is gone.
    • Phase 3 - Barrel Roller Zombies are summoned. When two-thirds of the health is gone already, three to six of Bucketheads, two to three of Barrel Rollers, and five to seven of Coneheads are now summoned at this phase, making it much difficult to compensate. Apply the Coconut Cannon Plant Food strategy or Snapdragon strategy. Kernel-pults are not that advised. Sometimes during this phase, the Plank Walker will clear almost all plants with two charge attacks, leaving only one lane of plants. Use Snapdragon Plant Food to prevent this. One of these zombies may be replaced by a Gargantuar Pirate, however. Be careful of the Imp.
  • Always stall the zombie with the highest level of threat such as Barrel Rollers, Gargantuars, and Imps because these are the only zombies that will wreck the entire row of your plants with Snapdragon, Spikeweed, and Coconut Cannon.
  • When you know it is about to charge towards your lawn, simply stun it by feeding plants with Plant Food.
  • Keep the Spikeweeds under the Plank Walker's legs to damage it while summoning zombies and in the lanes where Barrel Roller Zombies will be summoned. They will be destroyed when the Plank Walker changes lawn position, however, so be sure to save several for when it does.
  • Keep Snapdragons in the fourth column from the left, since their range is short.
  • Never use Plant Food on Kernel-pults to try and stop the charge attack. It has no effect.
  • It is possible to momentarily pause the boss using Spikeweed's Plant Food ability, but only while the ability is in effect, and it's in the same lane as the Zombot Plank Walker.
    • In older versions, the Plank Walker can be moved to be over the Spikeweed if fed with Plant Food. On non-iPod and Android versions, this would've nullified the attack, though in these versions, the Zombot will sometimes continue its attack closer to the house.

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  • The battle with the Zombot Plank Walker and the three levels of Pirate Challenge Pack are the only Pirate Seas levels with planks on every lane.
  • Before the battle starts, Dr. Zomboss suspected that Penny is one of his creations, like a Zombot.
  • In the battle, the player will receive a certain number of plants. Five Coconut Cannons and Threepeaters, two Snapdragons, one Cherry Bomb, eleven Spikeweeds, and unlimited Kernel-pults are given at a time.
  • On older versions prior to replacing the Zombot podium, once the player defeats the Zombot Plank Walker, a rainbow is seen above the level.
  • This is the first boss fight with no defensive plants, the second is in Big Wave Beach - Day 32.
  • It is actually possible to play infinitely by building a maze of Spikeweeds and Snapdragons as long as the player is in the first phase, and as long as they replace any plants stolen by the Zombie Parrot or destroyed by the Zombot. The only spawned zombies in that phase are Conehead Pirate Zombies, Pirate Captain Zombies, and Imp Pirate Zombies.

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