For the new Chinese version of this level, see Pirate Seas - Day 18 (Chinese version).
For the old Chinese version of this level, see Locked and Loaded III (Pirate Seas).

Pirate Seas - Day 18 is the 18th level of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Locked and Loaded level. When this level is finished for the first time, the player unlocks the Spikerock.


As there are no sun producers at the player's disposal, there is much less sun produced in this level. Additionally, Buckethead Pirates and Imp Cannons appear. The player can lose many lawn mowers if the defenses are not set up strategically or on time.

The plants given are not too useful. Peashooter is cheap but doesn't have much firepower, while Repeater with a moderate damage is quite hard to plant in this level. And with only the falling sun to use sun, it is difficult to set up a good offense and maintain a good defense. Wall-nut is good for blocking namely Swashbuckler Zombies and Imp Pirate Zombies, but they will be eaten quickly later in the level. Spikeweed can help damage zombies. Iceberg Lettuce should be used early on to get some sun, as well as using Plant Food on it to give some time for the offensive plants to attack. Finally, Spring Bean is by far the most important plant to use, due to its Plant Food ability.

The player must also utilize Plant Food carefully, as it is vital to killing zombies on the lower planks. The zombie hordes later on come in large numbers later in the level, which can be hard to deal with, especially with the plants given in the level.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Pirate Zombie2 None
2 Pirate Zombie2 None
3 Pirate Zombie2 None 100% Plant Food
4 Conehead Pirate2 None
5 Swashbuckler Zombie21 Swashbuckler Zombie23 None
6 Pirate Zombie2 Conehead Pirate25 None 600%/7 Plant Food
7 Imp Cannon22 None
8 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Buckethead Pirate25 Flag Pirate Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie21 Swashbuckler Zombie22 Swashbuckler Zombie23 None First flag; 600%/7 Plant Food
9 Conehead Pirate24 Conehead Pirate24 Conehead Pirate25 Imp Cannon21 None
10 Pirate Zombie24 None
11 Conehead Pirate2 Conehead Pirate2 Swashbuckler Zombie21 Swashbuckler Zombie23 None 600%/7 Plant Food
12 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Conehead Pirate24 Conehead Pirate25 Buckethead Pirate25 None
13 Imp Cannon24 None 500%/7 Plant Food
14 Buckethead Pirate2 Buckethead Pirate2 None
15 Pirate Zombie2 Pirate Zombie2 Pirate Zombie2 Pirate Zombie2 Conehead Pirate2 Conehead Pirate2 Swashbuckler Zombie21 Swashbuckler Zombie23 None 600%/7 Plant Food
16 Buckethead Pirate24 Buckethead Pirate25 Flag Pirate Zombie2 Imp Cannon21 Imp Cannon22 Imp Cannon23 None Final flag; 100% Plant Food


  • Plant Spring Beans to kill the typical zombies. Also use Iceberg Lettuces to delay the time for gathering more sun.
  • Plant Repeaters on the lane where the Imp Cannon appears.
  • Try planting as many Spikeweeds as you can for killing all the zombies at once.
  • Only use the Spring Bean's Plant Food upgrade when you are about to lose any lawn mowers. You may also use Spikeweed to pull them back into a previous tile.
  • The Wall-nut will also help you stop the Swashbuckler Zombies and the Imp Cannons.
  • Try to have one of the plants given boosted. Recommended boosted plants are Iceberg Lettuce and Spring Bean.

Strategy 2

By Dksorc

Required plants (only plants needed)
  • Wall-nut
  • Spikeweed (must be at least level 3)

Plant Spikeweed on the 2nd column of the bottom row, then plant a Wall-nut on the 1st column of the same row.

Repeat for the row above.

Then place 1 Spikeweed on the 2nd column of each row above that.

Then place a Wall-nut in the 1st column of those rows (you have to have Spikeweeds placed first to kill the Swashbuckler Zombies who arrive right around this time).

Then just add Spikeweed to all other columns of the bottom 2 rows. Alternatively, for the top 3 rows, you can defend them with no Wall-nut, as long as you have 2 Spikeweeds in each row in any of the first 3 columns (usually just one Spikeweed is enough for each row, but it is safer to put two, since, at level 3, Spikeweed may occasionally not have enough time to kill an imp if one walks over it).




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