For the Chinese version of the level, see Pirate Seas - Day 17 (Chinese version).

Pirate Seas - Day 17 is the 17th level of Pirate Seas in Plants vs. Zombies 2. To complete this level, the player must defeat 20 zombies in 30 seconds. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


The player has plenty of time to kill 20 zombies in the allotted time. Using plants that deal splash damage, such as Coconut Cannon and using Plant Food on Spring Beans to instantly kill zombies, as there are only two planks, will help the player greatly However, this level may be a little hard despite the easy objective, because all special zombies from this world (except for Gargantuar Pirates) appear in this level.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Pirate Zombie24 None
2 Pirate Zombie25 None
3 Conehead Pirate24 None 600%/7 Plant Food
4 Pirate Zombie25 Swashbuckler Zombie21 None
5 Pirate Zombie24 Conehead Pirate25 None
6 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Pirate Zombie25 Seagull Zombie21 None 600%/7 Plant Food
7 Imp Cannon23 None
8 Conehead Pirate24 Flag Pirate Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie21 Swashbuckler Zombie22 Swashbuckler Zombie23 Pirate Captain Zombie2 None First flag
9 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Conehead Pirate25 Swashbuckler Zombie22 Seagull Zombie23 None 500%/7 Plant Food
10 Barrel Roller Zombie24 Barrel Roller Zombie25 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Raiding Party!
11 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Pirate Zombie25 Seagull Zombie23 None
12 Imp Cannon21 None
13 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Conehead Pirate25 Pirate Captain Zombie2 None 600%/7 Plant Food
14 Pirate Zombie24 Conehead Pirate25 Imp Cannon22 None
15 Pirate Zombie24 Pirate Zombie25 Conehead Pirate24 Seagull Zombie21 Seagull Zombie22 Seagull Zombie23 None
16 Conehead Pirate24 Conehead Pirate25 Flag Pirate Zombie2 Pirate Captain Zombie2 Imp Cannon21 Imp Cannon23 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Swashbuckler Zombie2 Final flag; 600%/7 Plant Food; Raiding Party!


See Gallery for more details.

Notes: This strategy is for all versions.

  • Required plants:
  • Plant two columns of Sunflowers. Plant Spring Beans and Iceberg Lettuce.
  • When you have enough sun, plant one Coconut Cannon on each lane.
  • Plant at least one column of Repeaters.
  • Remember the Spring Bean's Plant Food upgrade. It will greatly help you to kill all the dangerous zombies, especially Barrel Roller Zombies.
  • Imp Cannons can be easily defeated after you follow the previous line by Coconut Cannon.
  • Repeaters will help you to weaken the zombies.



  • Before the 1.9 update, the player could not lose any lawn mowers.


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