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For the plants in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that the line is based on, see Spinnapple, Endurian, and Jackfruit.

The Pineapple line (菠萝系; pinyin: bōluó xì) is a Class S PvZAS Icon TenaciousTenacious plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars, which was introduced in the 1.0.102 update.

The line consists of Spinnapple (旋转菠萝; pinyin: xuánzhuǎn bōluó), Endurian (榴莲; pinyin: liúlián), and Jackfruit (菠萝蜜; pinyin: bōluómì). They all specialize in protecting the team by taunting.

Spinnapple and Jackfruit attack by headbutting enemies, while Endurian attacks by lashing out spikes.


The members of the Pineapple line are based on Spinnapple, Endurian, and Jackfruit respectively.

Each tier is based on these plants due to each of them being some sort of spiky fruit.

The name of the line comes from the Chinese names of Spinnapple and Jackfruit, "旋转菠萝" and "菠萝蜜" respectively, containing the word "菠萝" ("pineapple") in them.

Almanac entry

Pineapple line Almanac

Ways to obtain

Pineapple line can only be unlocked during time limited events. Additional puzzle pieces can be obtained through Soulmates Puzzle system.


Abilities are unlocked by tiering up, while their effect is increased through star leveling.

Note: 10(+5)% means that at LV1 this ability has a 10% on LV1, 15% on LV2 and so on.

Tier Effect Description
1 Pineapple line Ability1
Enters taunting state for 4 turns.
Gains a 20(+5)% boost to its defense and dodge while in this state.
Assumes some damage taken by its allies while in this state.
2 Pineapple line Ability2
Eye for an Eye
When hurt, deal damage to the attacker equal to 50% of this plants' attack.
3 Pineapple line Ability3
Taunting state also gives a 25% chance to stun an attacker.

Star leveling

After unlocking the Pineapple line, additional puzzle pieces can be used to upgrade it, which increases its stats and ability LVs.

Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS required Upgrade Coins Stars Puzzle Pieces&LV IconAS required Upgrade Coins
1 Green StarAS 0 HP IconAS+439


0k 1 Purple StarAS 40 HP IconAS+873 100k
2 Green StarAS 2 Def IconAS+256 1k 2 Purple StarAS 40 Dmg IconAS+167 121k
3 Green StarAS 4 Dodge+292 4k 3 Purple StarAS 50 Dodge+960 144k
4 Green StarAS 8 Def IconAS+294 9k 4 Purple StarAS 50 HP IconAS+1010 169k
5 Green StarAS 15 HP IconAS+501


16k 5 Purple StarAS 60 Dmg IconAS+168


1 Blue StarAS 15 Def IconAS+369 25k 1 Orange StarAS 60 Dmg IconAS+208 225k
2 Blue StarAS 20 HP IconAS+609 36k 2 Orange StarAS 70 HP IconAS+1034 256k
3 Blue StarAS 20 Rigid+223 49k 3 Orange StarAS 70 Rigid+460 289k
4 Blue StarAS 30 HP IconAS+740 64k 4 Orange StarAS 80 Dmg IconAS+272 324k
5 Blue StarAS 30 Dmg IconAS+144


81k 5 Orange StarAS 80 HP IconAS+1089




Pineapple line stats will be increased if these specific plants are unlocked.

Plant line Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Boomerang line Frisbee ShooterAS
HP IconAS+5%
HP IconAS+10%
Meteor Hammer MasterAS
HP IconAS+5%
Clover line BloverAS
Four-Leaf BloverAS
Fan BloverAS
Spike line+
Doom line
SpikeweedAS+Irascible MushroomAS
Def IconAS+5%
Def IconAS+10%
Diamond SpikeweedAS+Doomsday Bomb MushroomAS
Def IconAS+5%







  • Endurian plays his damaging animation, when being damaged by enemy active ability. This greatly increases time spent in some levels.
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