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Pine Needler

Pine Needler is a Rare Shooter plant, which is the second new plant unlocked in Plants vs. Zombies 3. It costs 5 Sun, and has the ability of piercing needles at a fairly fast pace.


Pinecone pic

Pine Needler is based on a pine cone and pine leaves. Its name is a portmanteau of pine needles, the adult leaves of the pine tree. Pine trees are producers of pine cones.

The second half of its name comes from the literal term of a needler, also called a needlegun, which is a weapon that fires small and thin objects.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Pine Needler
Rare Chilling Damage IconChilling Park Plant
This is important; do not remove.
Pine Needler3
Sun PvZ3 Flings pine needles that pierce through
multiple zombies. Pine-scented!
Rapid Fire
Attack Damage
Targets Pierced
Attack Speed
1.2 s
Damage per Second
7 s

Effective against:
Actor Zombie PvZ3 portrait Donut Roller PvZ3 portrait 75px Ketchup Carrier PvZ3 portrait


Due to Pine Needler's rate of fire and mediocre sun cost, it is recommended for waves of zombies. However, due to its low damage output, it is not suggested to be the main line of defense. On the other hand, utilizing Pine Needler's piercing shots can come in handy when dealing with obstacle zombies, as they go through the obstacles they set up or carry. However, once stronger piercing plants like Snapdragon are unlocked, Pine Needler may not be as effective compared to those other plants.

Combining Pine Needler with plants that slow zombies, such as Buttercup will increase the usefulness of it, as the zombies will not creep closer while being attacked by piercing shots.

Its Plant Food ability can be used, once again, to deal damage to many zombies at once, making it valuable when dealing with many zombies in different lanes.

The Tacobility can be utilized in case of an elongated chain of zombies, especially with Obstacle Zombies. It can be utilized in a way to cover and defend all of the lanes, if the player has not planted their defences completely yet.


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