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Birdbrain With the 12-Grain

Pigeon Feeder's splash screen

Pigeon Feeder is a Park zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3, which you first encounter at Floor 3 of Devour Tower. He throws breadcrumbs that summon Zombie Pigeons.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to level 1.

Pigeon Feeder
Normal Damage Icon.pngNormal
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Throws crumbs that summon flocks of
Zombie Pigeons. Carbohydrated!
Attack Damage
Attack Speed
1 s
Walking Speed
Pigeons Summoned
Ability Cooldown

Pigeon Feeder is lonely. It really doesn't help
that these darn pigeons keep trying to eat his
only friend: Bready O'Loafofbread. But maybe
the pigeons are lonely too, so he tosses bits
of Bready around. No one should be lonely.
Effective Plants:
Flak Seed PvZ3 seed packet.png Snapdragon PvZ3 seed packet.png Lightning Reed PvZ3 seed packet.png


This zombie can have potential of being dangerous, as his pigeons can't be attacked until they land at plants, most effective counter against him and pigeons is Flak Seed, Snapdragon, and Lightning Reed.



  • Despite not being a flying zombie, he has the Flying threat. This is because of the Zombie Pigeons he summons.
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