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Pickled Pepper (泡椒炸弹; pinyin: pàojiāo zhàdàn) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition. It was a premium plant that costed 125 sun. Its ability was similar to Jalapeno, but instead it destroyed zombies in a vertical column rather than a horizontal row.


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It is based on a pickled pepper, a pepper marinated by submerging it in a vinegar brine.

Although many types of peppers are used for pickling, the pepper Pickled Pepper most resembles is the banana pepper, one of the more common peppers used for pickling, due to its color and shape.

Almanac entry

范围: 整条竖线上的僵尸
用法: 消耗型道具(单次)立即爆炸
花费: 125 恢复时间: 非常慢
    In English: Pickled Pepper

    Pickled Pepper can destroy an entire vertical line of zombies.

    Damage: massive
    Range: an entire vertical line of zombies
    Usage: consumable item, (single) instant use

    "GAAARGH!!!" says Pickled Pepper, "I am SO MUCH BETTER than that silly Jalapeno!"

    Recharge: Very slow



  • It was the only premium plant to be an instant use plant.

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