A pickaxe

The pickaxe is a tool used by Digger Zombie to bypass the player's defenses. Because the head of the pickaxe is made out of metal, Magnet-shrooms can steal it. When this happens, Digger Zombie comes back out of the ground, making it vulnerable to attacks. Stealing it with a Magnet-shroom is the only way to make Digger Zombie jump out of the dirt and target the player's brains.


See Digger Zombie for more trivia.

  • In the Nintendo DS version, sometimes there is a glitch that when a Digger Zombie pops up from the back of the lawn and its pickaxe is stolen by a Magnet-shroom, Digger Zombie's sprite will still show the image with it even though the Magnet-shroom has stolen the object. This is easier to see in I, Zombie.
  • It, pogo stick, and jack-in-the-box are the only non-armor metallic items of the zombies that can be stolen by a Magnet-shroom.
  • Magnet-shrooms can still take it away when the Digger Zombie comes out of the ground.
    • If this happens, the Digger Zombie's death animation is reversed, as if it was pulled out of the ground while digging and did not make it to the end of the row.
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