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The phonograph is an item sold in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies that costs $15,000 and can be used an infinite amount of times to make Zen Garden plants happy by playing music for them. The player will receive one or three gold coins after the music is done playing music for a plant depending on the plant. If they play music for a mushroom or aquatic plant (when it asks for it), it will drop three gold coins. If it is a normal plant or a Marigold, it will drop one gold coin.

You will profit from it if you've had it for a long time and constantly used it. For each use, a plant will drop one gold coin worth $50. Mushrooms and aquatic plants, however, will drop three gold coins, equaling $150. Using the phonograph on a minimum of 100 aquatic plants or mushrooms or on 150 regular plants will convert the loss of money from the purchase into a clear profit.



  • In an older iPad version of the Zen Garden, this item had very buggy graphics.

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