Petrified Cactus is a Rare variant of Cactus in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. She was first revealed on the Twitter page in Christmas 2015 in a preview of Sandy Sands. She was later revealed in a live stream that the Petrified Cactus' special perk is if she tries to fire after a previous shot, the previous shot will explode, like Captain Cannon's Extend-o-Cannon and Electro Pea's Electro Cannon. Like the Jade Cactus, the Petrified Cactus sacrifices some of her speed for more health. 


Stickerbook description

Not only does Petrified Cactus' strong exterior protect her in battle, it also doubles as a wildlife sanctuary for all manner of woodland creatures.

In-game description

Hit the fire button while your shots are airborne to trigger an extra large explosion!

AI Health

  • Easy: 90
  • Normal: 120
  • Hard: 150
  • CRAAAAZY: 180 

Primary weapon

The Petrified Cactus' primary weapon is the Egg Blast. It is a single ad explosive shot that deals 30-45 impact and critical damage and 16-30 splash damage.


Left abilities
Potato MineGW2.png
Potato Mine
Potato Mines force Zombies to look down. If a Zombie sets foot on a Potato Mine, it will explode and they will experience the full force of a "SPUDOW!"
Potato Nugget MineGW2.png
Potato Nugget Mine
These little nuggets are small, have a great sense of humor and enjoy sitting around waiting to blow Zombies sky high. While not as damaging as their potato cousins, these little nuggets still pack a spudow!
Pizzazzling Potato MineGW2.png
Potato Mine
Need some more shine in your life? These potatoes love to pizzazle zombies, and will leave a cloud of glitter after a whopping sparkling spudow!
Center abilities
Garlic DroneGW2.png
Garlic Drone
By launching her Garlic Drone companion, she can monitor Zombies from the skies, attack them from the air, and call in devastating Corn Strikes.
Artichoke DroneGW2.png
Artichoke Drone
The Artichoke Drone has a really thick skin. This gives it more health and helps it last longer in a fight. However, it does not have the same firepower as its Garlic counterpart.
Red ArtichokeGW2.png
Red Artichoke
This agile Artichoke shouldn't be messed with. It's as fast as a clam and quick like a cucumber!
Dark Garlic DroneGW2.png
Dark Garlic Drone
The Dark Garlic Drone is infused with mystical dark energy. It has cool magical weapons and cool magical look.
Right abilities
Tallnut BattlementGW2.png
Tallnut Battlement
Tallnut Battlements have many uses. They can be shields and they can block paths to stop the Zombies in their tracks. They're terrible card players, though.
Iron MaidenGW2.png
Iron Maiden
Encased in iron armor, these Iron Maiden Tallnuts will stare at Zombies with an unmatched intensity. They are very hard to destroy and enjoy getting in the way.
Bling MaidenGW2.png
Bling Maiden
This Tallnut is encased in solid bling gold armor! How did a Tallnut even afford such expensive armor though?



The Petrified Cactus is mainly useful for weakening and taking out groups of zombies or zombies that are hiding behind corners. However to do this successfully you need to explode her shots at the exact right time, which could be simple due to its slow projectile speed, however it is difficult to do as well. The Petrified Cactus should be used at mid-range as she can attack quickly but is not too close to her opponent. Try to also target groups of Zombies as her explosions can deal lots of damage to each of them, making her a force in modes like Herbal Assault. If a weakened Zombie hides behind a wall to avoid damage, a timed explosion just behind the wall can take them out.


Try to stay out of groups when the Petrified Cactus is trying to attack you because if she hits an ally near you, the blast radius damage can also do some big damage to you, too. It is also quite easy to dodge her attacks because of her slow projectile speed, however you must be wary of them. Try to also not hide when the Petrified Cactus is shooting at you, as she can explode her shot behind where you are hiding, still dealing damage to you.

Balancing changes

September 2017 Patch

  • Decreased ammo count from 12 to 8
  • Decreased detonation damage from 35 to 32




  • She uses two gestures in her trailer.
    • The first shows her punching twice before spinning and punching a third time, whilst its audio is used from the "Pose Striker" gesture. It is named "One Two Twirl."
    • The second is the "Flip and Point" gesture from the first game.
  • In the Beta, her projectiles looked different. They were darker, carried by a bird, and had a purple, laser-like trail.
  • In her Stickerbook description, it says that her strong exterior doubles as a wildlife sanctuary for woodland creatures, which is the reason why she has animals on her.
    • Because of this, she may not be a Cactus at all, but instead a petrified tree with long grass inside of her, acting as spikes.
    • She is also the only one of those that is a plant variant.
  • There is a glitch where if she uses the Garlic Drone, the Garlic Drone uses Petrified Cactus' crosshair instead of its normal crosshair.
  • Her primary weapon is the only explosive mid air shot that does not end with "Cannon."
  • She is one of three manual detonation characters in the game. The other two are Electro Pea and Captain Cannon.
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