This item is only obtainable during certain events. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.

Pepper-mint is a Power Mint plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He sets the entire board on fire, dealing significant damage to the zombies and thawing frozen plants. Pepper-mint can also boost Pepper-mint Family plants.

Pepper-mint Family plants include:

Like other Power Mints, Pepper-mint cannot be imitated or affected by other mints. He remains on the lawn for six seconds at level one.

Pepper-mint can be purchased from the Store with 100 mints while he is available.


He is based on the Lamiaceae, also known as mint, with its full name specifically referring to a mint, Peppermint, which is a hybrid of spearmint and watermint.

However, the word "pepper" (specifically, the chili pepper, a vegetable commonly depicted as hot/fiery) is emphasized, hence his appearance and ability, thus making his name a portmanteau of "pepper" and "mint".

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.



FAMILY: Pepper-mint

Pepper-mints set off lane-wide bursts of flame when planted and provide a temporary boost to all Pepper-mint plants on the lawn.

Pepper-mint Family plants:

Fire Peashooter
Ghost Pepper
Hot Date
Hot Potato
Lava Guava
Pyre Vine

Pepper-mint likes heat. He's down with flames, he digs on fire, he's a total madman for oxidization and ignition. If he sees you rubbing two sticks together, he'll come over and ask about it. He can't help himself.

Pepper-mint boosts

When boosted by Pepper-mint, the following plants will receive the following boosts:

  • Fire Peashooter's peas will receive an additional 240 DPS. Additionally, she will have a 25% chance to shoot a plasma pea when boosted, with said plasma pea receiving an additional 330 DPS. Her Plant Food effect will also receive an additional 300 DPS per tick while boosted.
  • Ghost Pepper will do an additional 60 DPS while haunting zombies, and her Plant Food effect will do an additional 200 DPS while haunting zombies. 
  • Hot Date's fiery trail will do an additional 1800 DPS.
  • Hot Potato will do 60 DPS to zombies on her tile.
  • Jack O' Lantern's range will increase to 5 tiles, his flamethrower will receive an additional 550 DPS, and its wisps receive an additional 350 DPS.
  • Jalapeno's damage is increased by 1800 DPS.
  • Lava Guava's explosion gains an additional 600 DPS, and his Plant Food effect will also receive an additional 60 DPS per tick over the duration.
  • Pepper-pult will warm plants more quickly, and his pepper's damage will increase by 200 DPS, with the splash damage also receiving an additional 40 DPS.
  • Pyre Vine's flamethrower DPS is increased by 130, his Plant Food DPS is increased by 1800, and the length of his flamethrower is increased to 5 tiles.
  • Snapdragon's damage will increase to 180 DPS, and his Plant Food effect damage will increase to 4400 DPS.

Outdated boosts

  • Prior to the 7.6.1 update, Torchwood would absorb an additional 2000 DPS when boosted by Pepper-mint.


Level upgrades

Note that Pepper-mint's recharge is 30 seconds shorter during the Improve-mint event.

Level Seed Packets Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Duration Toughness Fire Duration Fire Damage Tick Fire Damage per Tick
1 0 0 85 seconds 6 seconds 100000 dps 3.5 seconds 0.49 seconds 100 dps
2 100 80 seconds 7 seconds 3.5 seconds 110 dps
3 150 80 seconds 8 seconds 3.5 seconds 115 dps
4 200 75 seconds 9 seconds 4.5 seconds 120 dps
5 300 75 seconds 10 seconds 4.5 seconds 125 dps
6 400 75 seconds 11 seconds 4.5 seconds 130 dps
7 500 70 seconds 12 seconds 5.5 seconds 135 dps
8 600 70 seconds 13 seconds 5.5 seconds 140 dps
9 800 70 seconds 14 seconds 5.5 seconds 145 dps
10 1,000 60 seconds 15 seconds 6.5 seconds 150 dps


Pepper-mint's family contains a high number of plants, so there are a variety of strategies in which Pepper-mint can be used in. In addition, most of the plants in Pepper-mint's family deal high amounts of damage, so using Pepper-mint in combination with these plants is ideal, as some of these plants deal monstrous amounts of damage when paired with him. For example, a boosted Lava Guava deals a massive 1200 damage per shot on eruption and 600 damage per shot on the lava tile, while other plants like Fire Peashooter and Pepper-pult deal extremely high amounts of damage. It is a poor choice to use Pepper-mint against Imp Dragons, as Imp Dragons are immune to fire, rendering fire plants useless. It should also be noted that the Pepper-mint family lacks reliable splash damage output, as Snapdragon has a limited range and Pepper-pult has a relatively slow recharge.

Outside of this, Pepper-mint may seem like full-board Jalapeno, but he will only do a total of 800 DPS at level one, making the instant effect act more as a softener rather than an instant-kill, unlike Bombard-mint or Jalapeno. It should also be kept in mind that Pepper-mint's boost will not activate until several seconds after he is planted.

Due to his effect however, Pepper-mint is very effective at clearing the lawn of hazards such as tombstones and octopi. He can also thaw plants very quickly in Frostbite Caves.

It is not recommended to bring Pepper-mint to levels where you can't lose plants, as like other mints, he will disappear after a while, which counts as losing a plant.


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  • Despite not being a fire plant, Ghost Pepper is in the Pepper-mint Family. This may be simply because she is a pepper, and because ghost peppers are notoriously spicy and hot/fiery.
  • His fire trails are similar to Jalapeno's fire trail.
  • Despite being a fire plant, Wasabi Whip is not in his family, as that plant is specialized instead in close-range melee attacks (Enforce-Mint)
  • Up until the 7.6.1 update, Torchwood was a part of his family.
  • If one exits the game when Pepper-mint's flames are burning, the sprite will last until the end of the game.
  • Peppermint is a mint with spicy flavor in real life.

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