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Penny's Pursuit is a game mode in Plants vs. Zombies 2, which was released alongside the 7.9.1 update. It is a new game mode that appears between the Adventure Mode and Arena icons.

Similar to Arena, this mode requires the player to have Fuel to be able to play. Fuel can be bought with gems, or recharged overtime. The player can also choose to watch ads to gain more of it. It requires internet connection to play and at least 15 plants to unlock.


In Penny's Pursuit, there are 3 difficulties to choose from for a level: Mild, Spicy, and Extra Hot. To start a level, the player needs at least 5 Fuel. Once loaded into a level at any difficulty, the player can select Perks to use in the level. The player can choose one Perk for free, but additional Perks will cost gems to use in the level (with 5 gems cost for each perk). Playing a level requires fuel at any difficulty.

Depending on the difficulty, the zombies available and the objectives the player can complete may change. In addition, harder difficulties begin to take away certain benefits, such as Extra Hot difficulty levels having only 5 seed slots. Once the player selects their level, difficulty, and Perks for the level, they're able to play levels that are in different styles: normal zombie attacks, Arena style levels, Last Stand levels, timed levels and mini-games. There are also bonus objectives which the player can complete to upgrade their Perks. Once a level is completed, the player can receive rewards and ZPS, which is used to fuel a meter to fight Dr. Zomboss and a specific Zombot, which will be hinted within the back of the map via a podium from the world.

Mild difficulty levels fill up your ZPS by 20%, spicy difficulty levels fill it up by 25%, and extra hot difficulty levels fill it up by 30%. Once your fuel meter reaches 100%, you can fight Dr. Zomboss (unless you have already fought him today, in which case you must wait until the next day) up to 3 times for a chance to claim rewards. Any excess ZPS carries on to the next day after you have fought Dr. Zomboss 3 times.

List of Events

Event Name Schedule Zomboss Grand Prize Featured Zombot New Roman Zombie(s)
Rome Invades! (Soft release only) February 5, 2020 - February 12 2020 N/A Zombot Dark Dragon2 Roman Zombie2Roman Conehead2Roman Buckethead2Roman Shield Zombie2Roman Imp2
Roamin' Romans (Soft release only) February 12, 2020 - February 19 2020 N/A Zombot Dark Dragon2 Gladiator Gargantuar2
Rome, Rome on the Range February 19, 2020 - February 26 2020 Hot Date2 Zombot Dark Dragon2 N/A
Iron Age Antics February 26, 2020 - March 4, 2020 Explode-O-Nut2 Zombot Tomorrow-tron2 Healer Zombie2
Imperial Entanglements March 4, 2020 - March 19, 2020 Starfruit2 Zombot Plank Walker2 Centurion Zombie2
Vidi, Vici, BRAINZ! March 19, 2020 - March 25, 2020 Solar Tomato2 Zombot War Wagon2 Bust Head Zombie2
Plants vs. Romans March 26, 2020 - April 2, 2020 Bombegranate2 Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur2 Zcorpion Zombie2
Legions of the Undead April 2, 2020 - (ongoing) Dandelion2 Zombot Sphinx-inator2 N/A


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  • The lawn's melting clocks are a reference to the painting The Persistence of Memory by Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dalí.
  • The icon of Penny's Pursuit was reused from an unused world Time Twister, which was hinted to have been the final world.
  • The logo of Penny's Pursuit picture is similar to the logo of Back to the Future.
  • One of the improvements of the new levels in the fight against Dr. Zomboss in Penny's Pursuit are tiles that apply the effect of Plant Food on any plant that is planted on them.

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