Peg Legpuller is a zombie NPC in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He resembles a Captain Deadbeard wearing the "Captain Shipwreck" costume. He is in charge of hosting the Battle Chests. His plant counterpart is Bingo-Bongo.


His name is a combination of "peg leg" and "leg-puller," someone who tells lies and jokes.


  • He is Z-Tech's Director of Actual Facts.
    • Ironically, most of the things he says are lies.
  • His crabs have names. He mentions two; Crabigail and Crabbott.
  • After you beat the Battle Chests, he states that Dr. Zomboss has an hourly disappointment list, and that the player wasn't on it.
  • He claims he has a girlfriend living in Canada.
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