Peel that Orange! is the fortieth mission for the zombie side in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. The main opposing plant hero is Citron. This mission also features Nightcap and Rose as opposing plant heroes.


Encounter Battle

PvZ Heroes logo
Peel that Orange! - Encounter Battle
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Citron 1 1
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Teammate Battle (I)

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Peel that Orange! - Teammate Battle (I)
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Nightcap 1 1
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Mini-Boss Battle

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Peel that Orange! - Mini-Boss Battle
Special gimmick
Citron starts with a Pea-NutH and Potato MineH in the 2nd lane.
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Citron 1 1
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Teammate Battle (II)

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Peel that Orange! - Teammate Battle (II)
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Rose 1 1
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Boss Battle

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Peel that Orange!- Boss Battle
Boss Mode
Start of Turn: The Zombie then Plant Hero gets BrainPvZH+1  /SunPvZH+1   this turn and for the rest of the game; Conjure any one card each to the Plant then Zombie Heroes.
Enemy Nº of height lanes Nº of water lanes
Citron 1 1
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Citron's deck is primarily designed around beans, Team-Up, and Amphibious cards. These combinations are very deadly, and can spell out disaster if not treated correctly. His deck can be especially dangerous because of the numerous amounts of low costing plants at his disposal, and the fact Citron has Doom-Shroom, which can take out many non-rushing strategies. The boss is the most unpredictable part of this mission, as each hero gets a random card from the entire game each turn, and sun/brains are doubled than normal matches. This combination allows Citron to either spam many weak and troublesome plants late in the game, or place powerful plants earlier in the game. The biggest problem for beating the boss is the sheer amount of Jumping Beans in his deck, specifically 7, and how early he can start using them.

The addition of Doom-Shrooms, beans, Team-Up, and Amphibious make this boss very difficult to plan out and defeat. Some strategies are to use either a rush deck or many mid-game cards. This is because Citron will have the ability to take out a very tanky set-up of zombies. A rush deck can work, but the player must avoid Lightning Reed, which can easily ruin most rush decks. Mid-game cards are really useful in this mission, as they will likely not be affected by Doom-Shroom, and Citron will have a harder time using Jumping Bean, as there is no clear zombie to bounce.

One viable strategy is to use PvZH Crazy IconCrazy heroes with a focus on damaging tricks to wipe out Citron's army as he plays them. Since most of Citron's cards have low health, cards such as Bungee Plumber and Zombot's Wrath will almost certainly destroy them. Once Citron starts to play multiple cards, deploy The Chickening to wipe the board, leaving him shorthanded. Send in cards with high attack one at a time (lest Doom-Shroom wipe them), and eventually you will outnumber Citron in terms of cards. Control decks like Electric Boogaloo's "No Escape" is especially good at this as they will have little to no trouble dealing with any threats that Citron draws randomly.

Gravestones are also a good idea to use, as they are not affected by Jumping Bean (until the next turn, that is). Citron also does not have cards such as Grave Buster, Grave Mistake, or Blockbuster, so the odds of him using it are very slim. Beastly heroes are not recommended, as buffing zombies is almost useless due to previously mentioned plants. Ultimately, the best strategy is to strategically place zombies, be aware of Jumping Beans and Doom-Shrooms, and use tricks of your own to defeat Citron's army.

Boss Battle

The additional brains gained at the start of turns offer earlier chances to play high-cost cards in your normal deck without needing to buy time yourself. However, beware that the cards in Citron's deck cost no more than SunPvZH5  , which not only enables Citron to spam cards later in the game, but the same gimmick also make the SunPvZH5   Doom-shroom and Jumping Bean playable as early as turn 3, both of which might ruin your strategies. Therefore, being passive may not help much in this battle; instead, utilizing the gimmicks and playing stronger threats and counterattacks actively usually make better works.

As for the "draw a random card from the entire game" gimmick, keep in mind that unlike previous battles where the AI decks contains only Premium plant cards, the gimmick offers chances for both player to Conjure any conjurable card in the entire game, giving Citron potential access to any Galactic, Colossal or Triassic (or Token) plant cards, which may be tide-turners of the battle by making Citron easier to deal with or more troublesome with the aid of more powerful cards. Remember to pack a couple of environments yourself, as unlike previous battles, Citron might "draw" himself an environment or two for his advantage.

Keep in mind that Dr. Spacetime will reduce the cost "random cards drawn" by 1 as that was how it was termed before Galactic Gardens introduced the term Conjure. Note that Captain Cucumber too will reduce costs equivalently should Citron Conjures and plays it.

Both Dino-Roar zombies and plants (should Citron Conjures and plays) can activate their Dino-Roar abilities twice before each Start of Turn here , making them all huge tempo plays, though both sides still need to beware the potential of faster-paced rushing. On the other hand, Quickdraw Con Man will equivalently do an additional 1 damage (a total of 2) to Citron before each Start of Turn.


Encounter Battle

CitronH Encounter Battle AI Deck

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
The main strategy for this deck is use of Beans, Team-up, and some Bouncing and Splash Damage. Place zombies accordingly and strategically to win.
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Potato MineH x4 Sting BeanH x4 Wall-NutH x4 Sow Magic BeansH x3
Water ChestnutH x3 Bean CounterH x4 Navy BeanH x3 SnapdragonH x4 Doom-ShroomH x4
Jumping BeanH x3

Teammate Battle (I)

NightcapH Teammate Battle (I) AI Deck

PvZH Kabloom Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Unlike the common Night Cap deck, this one focuses on Nightcap's Legendaries and the good they'll do for him in the late game. Nightcap, however, will have to trade a good early game for a great late game. In doing this, you can practically do anything Turn 1 and 2, as he will only be able to use a few cards.
Berry BlastH x4 Lightning ReedH x4 Sergeant StrongberryH x4 Sour GrapesH x4 BluesberryH x4
Jumping BeanH x4 Cherry BombH x4 Dandy Lion KingH x4 Grapes of WrathH x4 Kernel CornH x4

Mini-Boss Battle

CitronH Mini-Boss Battle AI Deck

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
Like the previous deck, this focuses on Amphibious, Team-Up, and Beans. Take caution when placing zombies, as they'll likely be defeated from Beans or from tricks such as Doom-Shroom.
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Potato MineH x4 Sting BeanH x4 Wall-NutH x3 Lightning ReedH x3
Sow Magic BeansH x3 Water ChestnutH x3 Bean CounterH x4 Navy BeanH x3 Doom-ShroomH x3
Jumping BeanH x3 Winter MelonH x3

Teammate Battle (II)

RoseH Teammate Battle (II) AI Deck

PvZH Smarty Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Her deck will focus on a few things. First, the primary goal is a freeze deck. Secondly, there are some Strikethrough Plants included. Finally, there are dangerous and heavy hitting plants like Smoosh-shroom or The Great Zucchini. The best option is to rush her, and not let her pull out her dangerous plants.
Iceberg LettuceH x4 Morning GloryH x3 SnowdropH x4 Fume-ShroomH x4 Chilly PepperH x4
BloomerangH x3 Winter SquashH x4 Jumping BeanH x3 Smoosh-ShroomH x3 Laser BeanH x3
Winter MelonH x3 The Great ZucchiniH x2

Boss Battle

CitronH Boss Battle AI Deck

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Smarty Icon
This is a dangerous Bean, Amphibious, and Team-up deck due to the gimmick of the boss battle. By turn 3 Citron will be able to use Doom-shroom and Jumping Bean, which can ruin your strategies and help him buff Bean Counter or use Admiral Navy Bean. In addition, all the plants are cheap, which means later in the game Citron can start spamming cards. However, since you yourself also have the gimmick, you too can also rush him.
Admiral Navy BeanH x4 Iceberg LettuceH x4 Potato MineH x4 Sting BeanH x4 Wall-NutH x4
Lightning ReedH x3 Sow Magic BeansH x3 Bean CounterH x2 Navy BeanH x3 Doom-ShroomH x3
Jumping BeanH x7




  • This and Brains in Danger! are the only missions that can never be completed, due to the final level never being able to be finished.
    • The player can repeat the final level an infinite amount of times, but will never truly complete it.
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