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Peashooter is a playable plant class in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is is an PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon.png Attack class who specializes in combat versatility and explosive damage, via either his primary weapon, or his Chili Bean Bomb.


In-game description

Peashooters are highly versatile plant combatants. They provide plenty of explosive damage and effective against smaller targets.

Primary Weapon

Explosive pea projectile weapon. Special: Explosive peas deal splash damage

In-game description

Peashooter's primary weapon is the Pea Cannon, an explosive projectile that deals 34 impact damage and 14 splash damage, fires at a rate of 100 RPM (rounds per minute) and has a slow projectile speed. Peashooter can fire 10 times before needing to reload.


Left abilities
Chili Bean BombBfN.png
Chili Bean Bomb
Spit an explosive bean that detonates after a delay.
Center abilities
Pea GatlingBfN.png
Pea Gatling
Switch to a high powered turret in a rooted position.
Right abilities
Pea SupedBfN.png
Pea Suped
Jump higher, fire faster, and move faster.


Perk Cooldown.png
Refreshing Revive
Faster refresh time for all abilities by reviving an ally.

Reduces ability cooldown by 100% (10 seconds) when a teammate is revived.
Perk Health.png
Rough Patch
Spawn with more health after suffering multiple vanquishes in a row.

After dying three times in a row, spawn with the maximum amount of overhealth for the currently used class after respawning or being revived.
Perk Handling.png
Pro Spitter
Chili Bean BombBfN.png
Chili Bean Bomb travels further.

Chili Bean Bomb travels 50% further.
Perk Cooldown.png
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning multiple vanquishes rapidly.

Reduces ability cooldown by 100% (10 seconds) for earning multiple vanquishes.
Perk Health.png
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Regenerate health when near multiple enemies.

When near one-four enemies within a 10m radius, regenerate 1-4 HP every 0.5 seconds.
Perk Utility.png
Leveling Up
Earn XP faster.

Earn 10% more XP.
Perk Health.png
Low Life
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Gain health by earning a vanquish when at low health.

Grants 11 health over 3 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy at 20% HP or lower.
Perk Handling.png
Ready Up
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Use weapons and abilities faster just after sprinting.

Reduces sprint exit delay by 41.6875%
Perk Ammo.png
Reload Gatling
Pea GatlingBfN.png
Gain ammo when dealing critical damage with Pea Gatling.

Gain 25 ammo after 5 critical hits.
Perk Cooldown.png
Bean Party
Chili Bean BombBfN.png
Faster refresh time on Chili Bean Bomb when earning a vanquish with it.

Vanquishing an enemy with the Chili Bean Bomb speeds up its cooldown time by 3 seconds.
Perk Cooldown.png
Critical Blow
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning a critical vanquish.

Reduces ability cooldown by 5.5 seconds upon critically vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Mobility.png
Escape Roots
Move faster for a short time after vanquishing an enemy.

Move 20% faster for 3 seconds after vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Damage.png
Explosive Gatling
Pea GatlingBfN.png
Enemies explode when vanquished by Pea Gatling.

Explosion stats: Blast damage = 40, Inner blast radius = 4.74999m, Blast radius = 4.75m, Shockwave damage = 10, Shockwave radius = 5m.
Perk Cooldown.png
Feed the Beast
Pea SupedBfN.png
Faster refresh time on all abilities when dealing damage while Pea Suped is active.

Decrease refresh time of all abilities by 12 seconds after a critical vanquish.
Perk Damage.png
Last Ditch
Deal additional damage with last pea in Pea Cannon.

Pea Cannon's last pea deals 265% more damage.
Perk Mobility.png
Move faster, except when sprinting.

Increases walking speed by 12.9032%.
Perk Health.png
Perk RoleIcon Attack.png
Gain health by earning a vanquish.

Grants 14 health over 3 seconds upon vanquishing an enemy.
Perk Duration.png
Combat Adrenaline
Pea SupedBfN.png
Pea Suped duration is extended by earning a vanquish while Pea Suped is active.

Increase duration of Pea Suped by 4.25 seconds triggers on every four hits.
Perk Handling.png
Homing Pea
Pea Cannon peas home towards targeted enemy.

Homing stats: (1.) Maximum lock-on distance: 43m (82.02 ft); (2.) Lock-on proximity radius: 10m (32.81 ft); (3.) Target acquire angle: 0.5; (4.) Time to Lock-on: 0.75 seconds; (5.) Time to lose Lock-on: 0.33 seconds.
Perk Damage.png
Party Time
Move faster and deal additional damage for a short time after earning a vanquish streak.

Move 10% faster and deal 20% more damage for 15 seconds upon earning a vanquish streak.



One can utilize Peashooter's fast moving speed by making themself a hard target for the opponent to hit, moving side to side or by jumping a lot (Bunny Hoping) until the target is vanquished. Using Pea Suped will accomplish this task much more easily.


One needs to be careful when encountering a Peashooter as his primary weapon does a hefty 34 damage and has high splash damage which poses a risk even if you manage to avoid a direct hit. Try and keep your distance and take him out from afar, Peashooter's health is mediocre so it is only required to land a few hits to vanquish him. Stay away from tight spaces as Peashooter can deal quite a large amount of damage in a large area. The character you will need to be careful the most is the Imp with a measly health of 75 HP he can be easily vanquished by Peashooter.

Tips & Tricks

  • Since Peashooter has high splash damage, one doesn't need to worry too much about accuracy, as merely firing at the opponents feet will deal them damage.
  • It is possible use Pea Gatling in mid-air, combine this with Pea Suped and one can surprise the zombies with a Pea Gatling behind them.
  • It’s more effective to use Chili Bean Bomb while under the effects of Pea Suped to launch it farther.

Balancing changes

October 2019 Patch

  • Fixed camera not aiming properly when on the ground while Pea Suped
  • New VFX to communicate Pea Gatling to enemies

December 2019 Patch

  • Pea Cannon direct damage increased 12.5->20.0
  • Pea Cannon splash damage increased 12->14
  • Reduce Pea Cannon camera recoil

January 2020 patch

  • Homing Pea Upgrade has a shorter range on target acquisition
    • Decreased maximum lock-on range from 50m (146.04 ft) to 25m (82.02 ft)

March 2020 Patch

  • Chili Bean Bomb
    • Decrease refresh time 18->14.85 sec
    • Refresh timer doesn’t start until explosion
  • Upgrade Bean Party
    • Increase refresh reduction 1->4.5 sec

May 2020 patch

  • Pea Cannon
    • Switch to automatic fire
    • Increase blast radius 3->3.25 m
    • Increase shockwave radius 3->3.25 m
  • Chili Bean Bomb
    • Increase blast radius 5.5->8 m
    • Decrease shockwave radius 10->8.25 m
  • Pea Gatling
    • Allow camera manipulation during rooting animation
    • Increase blast radius 2.75->4.75 m
  • Pea Suped
    • Fix speed multiplier not getting applied, increase speed multiplier 1->1.1x
  • Upgrade Last Ditch
    • Fix the issue with damage multiplier only being applied to direct damage
    • Increase damage multiplier 1.3->2.76x
    • Decrease equip cost 3->2
  • Upgrade Homing Pea
    • Increase lock distance 25->35 m
    • Increase starting turn angle 15->35°
    • Decrease lock angle 0.5->0.45°
    • Increase time to establish lock 0->1 sec
    • Increase release time 0.1->0.25 sec
    • Increase equip cost 2->3
  • Upgrade Explosive Gatling
    • Increase blast radius 2.75->4.75 m
  • Upgrade Escape Roots
    • Now triggers only for hero vanquishes (Foot Soldier, All-Star, Scientist, etc)
    • Removed downtime between reapplications
    • Increase speed multiplier 1.3->1.5x

Related achievement

Earn 200 vanquishes as a Peashooter


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