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More Piñata power?? Pretty PEAS and thank you!


Peashooter is a Common Shooter plant in Plants vs. Zombies 3. It fires peas at the first zombie in his lane. It is one of few plants that are available from the beginning of the game.


For more information about this character, see Peashooter

Peashooter is one of the first plants the player obtains, and the first one the player is allowed to plant in the tutorial.

It costs 3 sun and it attacks zombies by firing peas in the lane it is planted in. It can only attack one zombie at a time, though.

It is also a main character in the game's story alongside other plants such as Sunflower, Wall-Nut and Bonk Choy.



It is based on the plant of the same name from the original game and its sequel.

Its Tacobility is also based on the plant of the same name and appearance.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Normal Damage Icon.pngNormal Common
Rapid Fire
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Sun PvZ3.png Shoots peas straight down the lane.
Attack Damage
Attack Speed
1.5 s
Damage per Second
5 s

Effective against:
Browncoat Zombie PvZ3 portrait.png Imp PvZ3 portrait.png MC Zom-B PvZ3 portrait.png Bride of Frankentuar PvZ3 portrait.png
To say Peashooter "just" shoots peas is like
saying pizza "just" tastes delicious, and skylights
"just" let a bit of natural light through a ceiling.
"Just" ridiculous!


Level Upgrades

Level Seed packets Coins Upgrades
Health Attack Damage Attack Speed Damage per Second Cooldown
1 0 0 300 15 1.5s 10 5s
2 8 40 390 20 13.3
3 12 60 507 25 16.6
4 15 75 659 33 22
5 20 200 857 43 28.6
6 30 300 1.11K 56 37.3
7 40 600 1.44K 72 48

Plant Food effect

Peashooter's Plant Food ability is named Rapid Fire, in which Peashooter will fire 50 peas in rapid succession in the lane he is planted in, dealing a large amount of damage to any zombies hit with them. This can be upgraded to allow even more peas to be fired at a time.

Level Coins Flasks Upgrades
Peas Fired
1 0 0 50
2 200 250 60


Peashooter's Tacobility is the Repeater, which allows it to fire an additional pea when it attacks. This can be upgraded to allow even more peas to be fired at a time.

Level Coins Hot Sauce Upgrades
Peas Fired
1 0 0 2
2 200 100 3
3 1000 250 4


As with all previous games, Peashooter is a cheap, easy, and reliable plant that is easily able to take out several standard zombies for a very little amount of sun.

However, with most games it appears in, it is easily outclassed by several other plants, both in terms of ability and damage, and are often the more preferred choice in later levels as more plants are unlocked and threatening zombies with more demanding abilities and traits will be encountered and fought.

Even though Peashooter may not be the most optimal choice when deciding a team, he still serves a purpose as an early use plant due to low cost and temporary form of attack while more powerful (and more costly) plants are not available.

Breakout Tips(Quotes)

  • When the fight gets tough, remember to use PLANT FOOD to bail you out, especially if you level up the Plant Food ability!(Generic tips only)
  • Try to balance your firepower across all 5 lanes, keeping in mind your plant levels and your Tacos!(Generic tips only)
  • You might think Backup Dancers walk BACKwards...or UP! But they're actually pretty STRAIGHTFORWARD.(Backup Dancer's tip)
  • My rapid-fire shots LEAF a lot to be desired against Armored zombies like Conehead. For them, try slower, heavier shooters!
  • Hot Dog Imps slip into different lanes. Be sure to have all 5 lanes covered!(Hot Dog Imp's tip)
  • Keep me as far to the left as you can, to give me more room to blast those zombies! Give PEAS a chance!
  • Imps show up early, in lots of lanes. Use quick plants like me to take'em out!(Imp's tip)
  • My rapid shots are perfect for knocking lots of hats off MC Zom-B. I call it my HAT TRICK!(MC Zom-B's tip)
  • When Power Walkers are on the move, keep every lane covered early, so you don't get surprised!(Power Walker's tip)
  • If you thought rapid fire plants struggled against Coneheads, you're really not gonna like how we do against Bucketheads!(Buckethead's tip)
  • I hope all these new plants don't make Sunflower forget about good ol'Peashooter.


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