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Peachy District

Peachy District is a Turf Takeover map in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The map is similar to Sundrop Hills in Town Center. On this map the Plant team are on the defense and the Zombie team are on the offense. The zombies must capture different areas to allow signal boosters to be planted to help broadcast Dr. Zomboss' TV show. The plants must try and stop the zombies from doing so.


Zombies are spreading Signal Boosters to hack the TV station and launch the Brainzcasting Network: “TV So Good, You Don’t Need Brainz.”


  • Park
  • Uno Taco
  • Museum
  • Radio Tower


The zombies must come from the sewers to capture the park.



Uno Taco






Radio Tower



End Victory

Plant Victory

If the Plant team wins then the plants will all gather on the radio tower building and watch TV and all the signal boosters will detonate.

Zombie Victory

If the Zombie team wins then the N on the tower will turn to become a Z and a signal will go to someone's home which allows zombie to come out of the TV screen and eat the occupant's brains. Then it will show a signal going to all of the signal boosters indicating that zombies are invading all over.



  • The fact that the zombie ending has a Browncoat zombie coming out of a TV is a reference to the horror movie "The Ring", which features an iconic scene of a girl crawling/coming out of a TV.
  • At the initial zombie spawn point, in the sewers, there is a red balloon at the back against a wall, which references Steven King's "It".
  • It is possible for players from the Zombie Team to appear in the Plant ending if they manage to get on the roof of the radio station before then. This has led to a common practice of players using characters with jumping abilities (e.g. Foot Soldier, Super Brainz, Space Cadet) to rush to the roof at the last second to be seen by everyone.
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