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Pea Suped is an ability for the Peashooter in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. It makes the Peashooter jump higher, fire faster, and move faster. It also allows the Peashooter to hover in the air by aiming whilst in the air.


This ability's name is a pun on "pea soup", soup made typically from dried peas, such as the split pea. The word "suped" is an alternate word meaning excited or extremely happy.


Jump higher, fire faster, and move faster.

Associated upgrades

Perk Duration.png
Combat Adrenaline
Pea SupedBfN.png
Pea Suped duration is extended by earning a vanquish while Pea Suped is active.

Increase duration of Pea Suped by 4.25 seconds triggers on every four hits.
Perk Cooldown.png
Feed the Beast
Pea SupedBfN.png
Faster refresh time on all abilities when dealing damage while Pea Suped is active.

Decrease refresh time of all abilities by 12 seconds after a critical vanquish.



Pea suped can be very good at getting to strategic locations due to it's increased jump height as well as it's hovering, which can make you last longer in the air. This can be a great setup for Pea Gatling. Pea Suped, when compared to the similar ability of Hyper in the Garden Warfare games, is not as good for trying to avoid enemies, as it only gives you additional height, not speed. This means that Pea Suped is better used as a mobility tool to secure good positions, rather than escape from bad ones. Peashooters should remember the ability's strengths lie in its ability to easily take better positions against your enemies, or reach locations they never expected, and not as much in its relatively less impressive evasive capabilities. But, when faced with a sticky situation, a Peashooter player should never feel afraid to use Pea Suped (possibly with a Chili Bean Bomb thrown at their feet) to place some distance between themselves and the Zombies.


  • Before throwing a Chili Bean Bomb into a crowd of Zombies, it is recommended to activate Pea Suped first and throw the bean at the height of your jump, as it will make the bean travel further and potentially score more vanquishes.
  • Make sure to stay unpredictable when using Pea Suped. Don't just jump around like you're on a pogo stick- sometimes its good to establish a pattern of bunny-hopping, then surprise your opponent by hovering in the air at random intervals, for no reason at all. These unexpected shakeups will leave your opponents unsure of your next move, and therefore, make you even harder to hit.
  • When playing as Sunflower, it is not recommended to follow a hyper-aggressive Peashooter (or any hyper-aggressive teammate, for that matter) using Pea Suped, or attempt to use your Heal Beam on them. Due to the immense height they gain, it often exceeds the Heal Beam's range, breaking it, and the Peashooter doesn't take much damage while using that ability anyway. Additionally, sticking close to an ally in enemy lines, especially one who draws a lot of attention to themselves and will be incredibly vulnerable when their boosts wear off, is an invitation to get easily vanquished by the Zombie forces who outnumber you.


A Pea Suped Peashooter can be very annoying to deal with. If the Peashooter constantly jumps, it will make them very difficult to hit. The high ground given also gives the Peashooter an advantage over you, being able to land critical hits far easier. It’s best to wait out Pea Suped, and take cover while it’s active, allowing for an easy vanquish once it expires.


  • Unless playing on PC, it is recommended to wait to engage with a Peashooter in Pea Suped only after the effects of the ability have worn off, to make your job of aiming easier. One of the best ways to stay unharmed during an enemy Peashooter's Pea Suped is to disorient them with an erratic movement ability of your own. Rocket Jump, Hyper Jump Thump, Warp, Dynamite Dodge, Imp's passive double jumps, or even Double Time, if you have enough confidence in your strafing abilities.
  • When playing as Imp, recognize that most Peashooters are painfully predictable, and will always use Pea Suped to just jump, entirely ignoring their ability to hover in midair. This makes it easy to time a Gravity Grenade when they land, turning the tables of the fight, catching the Peashooter off-guard, and resulting in a (hopefully) easy vanquish. Just make sure to finish them off with your primary weapon, as Impkata would just make you far too easy to hit and result in a free vanquish for the trapped Peashooter. Just because they can't move, doesn't mean they can't shoot.
  • When playing as Electric Slide, try to wait for a Peashooter to land one of their Pea Suped jumps so you can catch them in a Funky Bouncer, and cancel their ability. Though, this can prove to be unreliable, due to how jittery and laggy the ability can be. If you don't want to take that gamble, you can either hide in Outta Fight! until the ability ends or use it to reposition yourself, or place a Disco Tornado where the Peashooter is jumping, forcing them to move unless they want to suffer the damage
  • When playing as Engineer, Bullhorn Swarm requires almost zero skill to use and will entirely shut down a Pea Suped. Just use it as soon as a Peashooter starts the ability, there is no chance of it failing.
  • When playing as Super Brainz, it is not recommended to use Alpha Better Shield to block the Peashooter's peas, as despite what an attempted bug fix may tell you, the splash damage will more often than not go right through your shield. Just reposition using Hyper Jump Thump or wait until the ability ends so you can punish with the now vulnerable Peashooter with a Turbo Twister.
  • When playing as Space Cadet, run. Really, just run away. You might have a chance of avoiding the Peashooter's attacks with Gravity Smash, but Station Inflation is utterly useless and you're going to have a good deal of trouble aiming such a precision laser like Big Bang Beam on a target that's spamming the jump button like their life depends on it. And even your primary weapon won't do you any good here- it doesn't have enough time to lock on before the Peashooter's already 20 feet in the air. Just run. You have a double jump to avoid damage, so it shouldn't prove difficult.
  • When playing as 80s Action Hero, if a Peashooter using Pea Suped is close enough to be of any threat to you, you've messed up. Remember to watch your back and make sure no one sneaks up on you; close-range combat is your weakpoint. But, in the disaster scenario you may find yourself in, remember that you have a get-out-of-jail-free card in the form of Dynamite Dodge. Just dodge to cover and then sprint and bunny hop like there's no tomorrow.
  • When playing as All-Star, don't forget you have one of the hardest spam counters in the game. Dummy Shield invalidates any attacks from above and gives you portable, two-way cover that can be easily abused. Don't forget to use Imp Punt when Pea Suped wears off to force the Peashooter to run, and if you see a Chili Bean Bomb headed your way, find the nearest cover or Sprint Tackle out of its blast radius. Alternatively, if using the proper upgrades, Sprint Tackle can also just be used to avoid the confrontation entirely.

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