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{{DN|Peashooter (disambiguation)}}
{{DN|Peashooter (disambiguation)}}
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[[File:Pea Cannon hd.png|thumb]]
[[File:Pea Cannon hd.png|thumb]]

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For other uses, see Peashooter (disambiguation).

Pea Cannon hd.png

Pea Cannon is a Uncommon Spawnable Plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It can be found in sticker packs via sticker shop. It is the most common Spawnable Plant in the game. It looks like a Peashooter but with war facepaint markings under its eyes, much like the Gatling Pea without its helmet. It is also very similar to the Peashooter, but shoots peas that deal 20 damage on a direct hit and 10 splash damage at zombies. Its attack is called the Large Pea. The zombie counterpart is the Rocket Bot.

Stickerbook description

Pea Cannon

Pea Cannon.png

Shoots large peas at the Zombies, causing huge amounts of splash damage.

Peawitched Cannon


Scarier than a normal Pea Cannon. Obviously.

Elf Pea

Elf Pea Stickerbook Description.png

This Peashooter makes toys out of Zombie bits.


A Pea Cannon has less than or equal to 36 health.


The Pea Cannon is very weak, and in Garden Ops is not very helpful for boss waves. However, it is good to use them near the beginning of the game, since they can kill large numbers of Browncoat Zombies and Conehead Zombies in early waves. Additionally, they are very common, and it will not hurt to use them a bunch of times in one game. Also, unlike the Gatling Pea, its projectiles do splash damage to nearby enemies. Planting many of them can deal effective splash damage to attack tougher enemies.



  • Its voice is similar to the Peashooter, but much higher-pitched.
  • Peawitched Cannon's name is a pun of "Bewitched", in which one of the meanings is to cast a spell on someone. This is most likely why it looks like a witch.
  • It shares its name with the primary weapon of the Peashooter.

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