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A parasol

A Parasol Zombie

Parasol is a shield used by Parasol Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It blocks nearly all lobbed projectiles, such as melons and seeds fired from the A.K.E.E., though it does not deflect some Plant Food exclusive projectiles from lobbed plants. Although the parasol is indestructible, it cannot block straight-shooting projectiles and can be damaged by area-of-effect plants along with the Parasol Zombie.

It returns in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, along with its owner. However, instead of protecting its owner and zombies close to her from lobbed projectiles, it now gives its owner and the zombies in the lanes next to her the UntrickableAltBig.pngUntrickable trait.


For more strategies, see Parasol Zombie and Parasol Zombie.

Straight-shooting plants and area-of-effect plants such as peashooting plants and Laser Bean respectively can damage the Parasol Zombie. Spikeweed/Spikerock can also damage her from below.


  • Despite its ability, bananas, the giant peppers of a boosted Pepper-pult, sap and medium and large berries can still kill or slow the zombie down respectively.
    • This is because it can only withstand 580 damage per shot given all at once.
      • It can deflect big spores from Spore-shroom, however, which do 1800 damage per shot.
  • Parasol Zombie's Almanac entry mentions that she took her parasol in case it rains. Said parasols are used to block the sunlight, so the proper term for them in-game should be umbrella.
  • It and the shovel used by Excavator Zombie are the only indestructible shields.
    • Coincidentally, both appear in Lost City.
    • The parasol can appear burnt if Parasol Zombie were to be electrocuted or burnt to death, making it the only instance the parasol can be destroyed.