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One-Trick Pony was an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It was earned by using only one type of plant in a level.


Using one type of plant implies that normally only a shooting plant is used. The easiest way to get One-Trick Pony is in the first levels where a few Peashooters will get the job done. In tougher levels, it is recommended to use a couple Aspearaguses, as it has a little more power than a Peashooter and has huge range for only 25 sun more.

In harder levels, the players may consider using the Lawn Mower to kill a high quantity of zombies while holding zombies by a Wall-nut. They may also use the Gardening Glove to move a strong shooting plant around.


  • It was impossible to earn Synergy!, One-Trick Pony and I Walk Alone in the same level without replaying it.
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