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Plant Olive Pits and watch as they gobble up zombies.


Olive Pit is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that was introduced in the 8.2.1 update. When played, Olive Pit buries itself in the ground, and acts as a pitfall trap, swallowing any zombie that walks over it. After burying itself, Olive Pit will constantly spit out zombie-slowing olive oil.


Olive Pit is based on the olive, the fruit of the Olea europaea tree native to the Mediterranean primarily harvested for its vegetable oil, a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine.

Olive Pit's name is a pun on its function as a pitfall trap and on the real life pit that is the seed of an olive.

Almanac entry

Note: The stats shown below only apply to Level 1.

Olive Pit


Special: Pit Capacity
Special: Chew Speed

FAMILY: Contain-mint

Olive Pits drill into the ground and wait to consume zombies foolish enough to walk over them.

Usage: can swallow multiple zombies at a time
Special: spits out zombie-slowing olive oil

Olive Pit lies buried deep underground, thinking furiously. What about? Hard to say. Maybe airplanes? Do helicopters count as airplanes?

Upgrades (1)

Olivepit's Plant Food ability (animated)

When fed with Plant Food, Olive Pit will swallow zombies and spit out 8 puddles of olive oil in a 3x3 area that slow down zombies step on it.

Contain-mint effect

When boosted by Contain-mint, Olive Pit's pit capacity is increased to 6 zombies and its chew speed is reduced to 10 seconds.

Level upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge Toughness Pit Capacity Chew Speed
1 0 0 175 7 seconds 300 dps 2 20 seconds
2 50 6.5 seconds 350 dps 3
3 100 6 seconds 400 dps 18 seconds
4 200 150 5.5 seconds 450 dps 4
5 300 5 seconds 550 dps 16 seconds
6 400 4.5 seconds 600 dps 14 seconds
7 500 125 4.25 seconds 650 dps 5
8 600 4 seconds 700 dps 12 seconds
9 800 3.75 seconds 800 dps 10 seconds
10 1,000 100 3.5 seconds 900 dps 6


Olive Pit can be seen as a much more flexible Chomper, as it can devour more zombies before chewing, cannot be destroyed by most zombies, and spits out olive oil which slows approaching zombies in a similar fashion to Sap-fling. The trade off is that Olive Pit is slightly more expensive, recharges a little slower, and cannot affect zombies that don’t walk over it. Olive Pit also does no continuous damage to targets it can’t swallow, unlike Chomper.

Due to Olive Pit's insta-kill nature, it makes an excellent plant for thinning out dangerous zombies from hordes. Its immunity to most zombies makes it a great option to plant in the right hand columns, nearest to where the zombies spawn. A fully upgraded olive pit can consume six zombies before it needs to chew and then only spends 10 seconds chewing - this can be enough to significantly thin large hordes of zombies with very little drawback, as Olive Pit is safe from most harm whilst its chewing.

However, Olive Pit does have some weaknesses. Flying enemies are completely immune to both the pit and the olive oil, and it is completely useless against Gargantuars, who are also one of the only zombies that can destroy it. Olive Pit is also incapable of dealing with consistent zombie hordes, as it must eventually stop to chew. As such, bringing another offensive plant is essential, so as to not overwhelm the Olive Pits.

Olive Pit, much like Chomper, also belongs to a fairly underwhelming mint family. Contain-mint doesn’t have that much utility within its family, and the only direct attack plant in it is Dazey Chain.

Olive Pit makes a great guard against plants vulnerable to direct attack, such as Electric Currant or Phat Beet. Should your defenses not be adequate against all threats that approach them, Olive Pits are a great last ditch (literally) to stop any zombies that might crawl through.

Olive Pit is an excellent plant to use in Arena because it can devour most of the zombies that show up but beware of Gargantuars and machines.


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Olive Pit2
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Olive Pit2


  • Some zombies cannot be swallowed by Olive Pit when they're walking on it, for example Far Future vehicle zombies (due to their sizes).
  • Its animation when planted is reused from Intensive Carrot.
  • Despite being a ground plant, it can be planted on Lily Pad. This is an oversight.
  • It is the second plant based on an olive, the first being Oil Olive.
    • Of these two, Olive Pit is the only one available in the international version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.
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