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Olds Cool splash screen

Olds Cool

Olds Cool

Olds Cool is a boss zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and the final boss of Town Center. Unlike most bosses, he is only fought in one area: The Funderdome. His ranged attacks can be hard to avoid.

Olds Cool cycles between multiple different attacks as the fight goes on. In the beginning, he uses two different attacks. He can launch 5 missiles from the top of his disco ball, and throw records that roll across the ground. Once he takes some damage, he will close his disco ball, making himself immune to attacks. During this phase, he will roll around and jump, creating shock waves. After a while, the ball rolls into the center and tries to ram into you.


Olds Cool's attacks are done depending on what phase he is in, and there are various ways to get him to switch his phases. In the first phase, Olds Cool will launch missiles from the top of his disco ball. To stop these missiles, you can shoot them down. If you are hit with the missiles you will take a bit of damage and start dancing for a few seconds which will leave you vurnable, similar to doing gestures. He will also throw records on the ground, which will roll towards you very fast. Try to dodge them, and keep taking down his health.

Olds Cool's bouncing attack is fairly easy to stop. In the Funderdome, there are speakers that you must get Olds Cool to destroy. Dodge his shockwaves, and let him charge up. Make sure you are in front of a speaker before he finishes charging. When he finishes charging and releases the ball, move out of the way and shoot at the button on the back of his disco ball once he is stunned. Olds Cool will then return to his normal stage, clearing those stages of attacks.

Olds Cool can also use a spinning attack. When he uses this attack, the music in the arena changes, and he goes to the middle of the arena. You must destroy the colored glass and run through them once destroyed, while making sure Olds Cool is being attacked. He will periodically regenerate and shuffle the glass during the spinning attack, so make sure to defeat him quick.

Throughout his fight, he will use these attacks various times. Knowing how to avoid them is the key to defeating him.

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