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Ol' Deadbeard's Big Surprise is Ol' Deadbeard's second mission given to the player. It is a Graveyard Ops mission, meaning the player will have to protect the Gravestone and complete the Mission Wave. When the player completes this mission, they are awarded 5,000 coins.


Ol' Deadbeard informs the player that he needs Vitamin C to make sure he doesn't contact scurvy. So, the player travels to Frosty Creek to raise and protect a Gravestone. The player can select 3 AI Zombies (of any class they own) to assist them. There are a few waves of plants the player has to defeat. When the player beats the last wave, they do not need to escape, and win the mission.

Mission Wave

The special wave for this mission involves the player tracking down many Citrons rolling around the map. The Citrons never come out of their balls, but will attempt to run away from the player when they are near, or attack them with Spin Dash. They player is not timed, and must also vanquish all of the Citrons to beat the mission.


  • Selecting Zombie AI doesn't really matter, as this mission is really easy. However, your AI Zombies can die, so suggest being a Scientist on higher difficulties to revive them.
  • The special wave should be very simple to beat. You are not timed, so you can vanquish all the Citrons as fast or slow as you like. The Citron balls will only move when approached, so attacking from afar is really useful here. In addition, they cannot Spin Dash you from afar. There is also no way of being vanquished unless the Citrons use Spin Dash or you fall off the map.

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