Norm Alguy is a character in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is found in Sundrop Hills in Town Center. He gives the player a quest where they must retrieve a Balloon from the TV Station's antenna so it can be used to create the Stink Bomb.


His name is a pun on the label "normal guy."


Balloon Bafoons

The Balloon tangled on the TV Station's antenna is the only one in town since the balloon factory popped. Rally the troops and go get it!



  • He mentions that his old squad are the Foot Soldiers caged in the shipwreck, that being Ding-Dong, The Sillyboy, and Diane.
  • He apparently is the one responsible for the shipwrecking.
    • He implies that he caused the shipwreck by eating the ship's steering wheel.
  • While infected, he supposedly applied to dentist school after dropping a Crystal Dog into the well.
  • His dialogue states that while infected, he smells like a shoebox full of receipts.
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