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No Boloney, No Problem! is the second quest given to the player by Dr. Patient. When the player completes this quest, they receive 2500 coins.


The quest's name comes from the NPC character in the last mission Tony Boloney, referencing the fact that the player does not require his help to find the secret door to Dr. Zomboss's lab.

Mission description

"Track down a special secret door-finding device. Only it's lost, so..."


Dr. Patient asks the player to find a lost secret door finder, and speculates that it is in the plant base. The player then proceeds to Gene Error, who asks the player to step through a teleporter. However, the teleporter continuously warps the player to the wrong location.

Eventually, Gene Error stops telling the player to enter the teleporter, saying they broke it and instead tells the player to enter a cannon that will shoot them to the plant base. Once the player enters the plant base, they can easily locate the secret door finder. After the finder is claimed, the quest is completed and the player receives their reward.


This is an extremely easy mission, similarly to the last one as not much happens during the mission. The most trouble the player will encounter is a few Weeds and other plants in the plant base.

Gene Error's teleporter takes the player first to the zombie base, then Agent Rose's castle, next the Zompark (where numerous Giga Torchwoods spawn around the player) and lastly outer space, which is a simple cutscene the player can't do much about.

After the player takes the cannon into the plant base, the secret door finder can be found where the stickerbook lies.

Zombie choice

There is no difference in whichever zombie the player chooses, as it does not matter. Hence, the player is free to do the quest with any zombie they prefer.

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