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Night Roof or Roof Night is the final area in Plants vs. Zombies that combines the Roof and Night areas. It has only one level in it, which is when the player is fighting with Dr. Zomboss. The aforementioned level is Level 5-10. In the level, the player will only get one mushroom, which is the Ice-shroom. It is used to destroy the fireballs that Dr. Zomboss breathes out, and is possibly the only reason the level is at Night. For the iceball, the player must use a Jalapeno to melt it.

The only Night Roof mini-game is Dr. Zomboss's Revenge. However, the player can also play Survival: Night Roof (Endless) on the Night Roof, which requires some hacks.


How to get Survival: Night Roof (Endless)

Survival: Endless on the roof during nighttime. This can be played by using renaming saved file via userdata with no Cheat Engine required. A video tutorial is also available.

  1. Play Dr. Zomboss's Revenge until you have enough plants and Dr. Zomboss is about to attack. The conveyor belt should be full and you should have 10 seed slots, or the game will crash.
  2. Go to userdata and rename game#_35 to game#_30. (# is the user number e.g. game1_35 if user 1)
  3. Go to Whack a Zombie and hit Dr. Zomboss when he is about to attack. Earn 350-500 sun by hitting zombies.
  4. Rename game#_30 to game#_10.
  5. Go to Survival: Roof (Hard) and play it until flag 8.
  6. Rename game#_10 to game#_13 and continue it in Survival: Endless.



  • This is the only area that does not have any new plants.
    • It is also the area having the least number of levels (unless you count Air Raid, which only has one level in the DS version and zero in other versions).
  • Through the Survival: Night Roof (Endless) hack, this level has the same music as Night: Moongrains.
  • Plants vs Zombies: Journey to the West also has this area without hacking.
  • The game has no graphics for craters on the Night Roof, since the player is not able to use Doom-shroom on it.
    • If the player hacks Doom-shroom into appearing on a Night Roof stage and uses it, craters will be rendered with the same texture as the Roof's.
  • This Area is similar to Subdue the Yellow-Browed Monster since both of them have slants and are at night.

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