Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 31 is the thirty-first level of Neon Mixtape Tour in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Locked and Loaded level. Electric Blueberry is showcased. The first appearing zombie is always Hair Metal Gargantuar. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png3 None
2 Neon Zombie2.png5 Neon Zombie2.png5 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
3 Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png2 Neon Zombie2.png4 Neon Zombie2.png4 None Metal plays.
4 Neon Zombie2.png2 Neon Zombie2.png3 Neon Zombie2.png3 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
5 Neon Zombie2.png1 Neon Zombie2.png3 Neon Flag Zombie2.png Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png5 Breakdancer Zombie2.png1 None First flag.
Rap plays.
6 Neon Zombie2.png4 Breakdancer Zombie2.png2 Boombox Zombie2.png2 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
7 Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png4 None Metal plays.
8 Neon Zombie2.png1 Neon Zombie2.png1 Neon Zombie2.png5 Neon Zombie2.png5 None Carries 1x Plant Food.
9 Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png3 Breakdancer Zombie2.png3 Boombox Zombie2.png5 None Rap plays.
10 Neon Buckethead2.png1 Neon Buckethead2.png2 Neon Buckethead2.png3 Neon Flag Zombie2.png Hair Metal Gargantuar2.png5 Breakdancer Zombie2.png5 None Final wave.


The player should always try to take out the Neon Zombies by using Spore-shroom, as Electric Blueberry will target Neon Zombies, then zombies with special abilities first, and finally Hair Metal Gargantuars. Two columns of Sun-shrooms are more than enough to keep up with the demand. Therefore, sun production is not an important element for beating this level. Intensive Carrot should be used for reviving Electric Blueberry if it gets killed.

Another strategy involves only using the Sun-shrooms, Electric Blueberries and Intensive Carrots. All you have to do is plant a column of Sun-shrooms at the back, then you can proceed putting the Electric Blueberries. Use the Plant Food you get to instantly recharge the Electric Blueberry seed packets or to electrify zombies if there are too many. Use the Intensive Carrot just in case you don't have Plant Food. Feed the remaining Plant Food to the Electric Blueberries in the final wave. With the use of this strategy, the difficulty may be lowered to medium.




  • Excluding specific Piñata Parties, Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 31 and Modern Day - Day 16 are the only levels in Plants vs. Zombies 2 where a Gargantuar is the first zombie to appear.

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