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Neon Mixtape Tour - Day 24 is the twenty-fourth level of Neon Mixtape Tour in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is a Last Stand level. The player is given 2000 sun. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a Neon Mixtape Tour piñata.


MC Zom-B and Breakdancer Zombie pair can become a problem as this happens more often in this level. They also tend to appear with some Neon Bucketheads which can be very troublesome if the player is not prepared. Punk Zombies and Glitter Zombies are not hard to deal with as they are wide spread out and will hardly get far enough into the player's defenses. Try to have the topmost and bottommost lanes more defended for the final flag which Hair Metal Gargantuars will appear.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Punk Zombie22 Punk Zombie23 Punk Zombie24 None Punk plays
2 Punk Zombie21 Punk Zombie25 Neon Conehead22 Neon Conehead23 Neon Conehead24 None
3 Neon Zombie21 Neon Zombie23 Neon Zombie25 Arcade Zombie22 Arcade Zombie24 None Rap plays; 100% Plant Food
4 Neon Flag Zombie2 Breakdancer Zombie22 Breakdancer Zombie22 Breakdancer Zombie24 Breakdancer Zombie24 Arcade Zombie21 Arcade Zombie23 Arcade Zombie25 None First flag
5 Impunk21 Impunk22 Impunk23 Impunk24 Impunk25 None 8-bit plays; skips to wave 6 immediately
6 Glitter Zombie21 Glitter Zombie23 Glitter Zombie25 Neon Conehead21 Neon Conehead23 Neon Conehead25 None 100% Plant Food
7 MC Zom-B21 MC Zom-B23 MC Zom-B25 Neon Buckethead22 Neon Buckethead24 None Pop plays
8 Neon Flag Zombie2 Hair Metal Gargantuar22 Breakdancer Zombie21 Breakdancer Zombie22 Breakdancer Zombie23 Breakdancer Zombie25 Neon Buckethead21 Neon Buckethead22 None Second flag; rap plays
9 MC Zom-B23 MC Zom-B24 MC Zom-B25 Arcade Zombie23 Arcade Zombie24 Arcade Zombie25 None
10 Punk Zombie21 Punk Zombie22 Punk Zombie23 Punk Zombie24 Punk Zombie25 None 8-bit plays; 100% Plant Food
11 Neon Buckethead23 Neon Buckethead24 Neon Buckethead25 Arcade Zombie21 Arcade Zombie22 None
12 Neon Flag Zombie2 Hair Metal Gargantuar21 Hair Metal Gargantuar25 Impunk22 Impunk23 Impunk24 None Final flag; metal plays


Strategy 1 (Contains premium content)

Created by PuffyMuffins

Plant two Electric Blueberries in the first and second column, and plant a row of Wall-nuts in front of them. There will be 250 sun remaining, so feel free to use additional stalling plants or instant-kills.

Strategy 2

By Kris0211

Plant Spore-shrooms in first, third and fifth lane in the first column and on second and fourth lane in the second column. Fill the rest of first column with Winter Melons and the second column with Infi-nut. When the level starts, feed the Infi-nut with Plant Food. At the end of the level, you will probably need to kill Hair Metal Gargantuar with lawn mowers.

Strategy 3

Created by RaidingParty

This strategy can beat the level without Plant Food, premium content, gemium plants, or losing any lawn mowers.

In the first column, plant three Laser Beans in the top, center, and bottom lanes, and plant Winter Melons in the other two remaining lanes. Plant Magnet-shrooms in front of the Laser Beans.

This group should wipe out everything up to the first Hair Metal Gargantuar. Let him approach all the way up into the second column, then use a Stunion to trigger its attack and stun it at the same time, then plant a Celery Stalker behind it. By the time it revives and finishes the missed attack, it will be killed off.

When the final wave occurs, let the two Hair Metal Gargantuars enter the lawn and then choose one of Gargantuars to target. Dig up any plant you want in that targeted Gargantuar's lane and use a Thyme Warp to send all the zombies back to the ninth column. Dig up all plants in the adjacent lanes except for the center Magnet-shroom, then wait for the targeted Gargantuar to walk into the eight column. Stun it with a Stunion, use a Cherry Bomb to kill all the zombies nearby it, then plant a Celery Stalker behind it to finish it off. This single 3-plant combo will wipe out the Gargantuar, its Imp, and everything else in the three nearest lanes, including zombies left over from other waves. The other Winter Melon will keep the surviving zombies slowed, so wait for Stunion and Celery Stalker to recharge, then when they are ready, dig up more plants and destroy the rest with another Stunion > Cherry Bomb > Celery Stalker combo.

A.K.E.E.s and Fume-shrooms can be used as alternatives to Laser Bean, with their own advantages and disadvantages (Fume-shroom requires two extra in the top and bottom columns).

Strategy 4

Created by CitronBomb

First of all, place two columns of Spore-shrooms at the back, then place the Magnet-shrooms after. You should only use Plant Food on the Spore-shrooms, unless the Spore-shrooms cannot deal with the Punk Zombies, you will have to feed them to the Magnet-shrooms (recommended on the lane with a Hair Metal Gargantuar, for tons of damage). It is possible that you will lose one or all of your mowers with this strategy.

Strategy 5

Created by SaveTheLawnMower

In the first column, plant Laser Beans in each row except for the fourth row. Plant Fume-shroom instead. In the second column, plant Fume-shrooms in each row. Plant two Magnet-shrooms in the top and bottom row and finally plant two Infi-nuts in front of the Magnet-shrooms. Two Hair Metal Gargantuars may spawn in the final wave. Infi-nuts help prevent their shockwaves from killing plants. You should have 100 sun left. Use Thyme Warp if any zombie gets too close and eats the plants. Start the wave.

After the second wave, a Hair Metal Gargantuar will spawn in the second row. Plant a Potato Mine and use Laser Bean's Plant Food ability to finish him off. When the final wave appears, use the four remaining Plant Food to kill the two Hair Metal Gargantuars with the Laser Beans. Make sure one of the Plant Food used is for a Magnet-shroom so that it can kill one of the Hair Metal Gargantuars with buckets from Neon Buckethead Zombies. The plants should easily kill the rest of the zombies and you win the level. You may need the Shovel Boost and/or Shovel Perk Upgrades to shovel enough sun for a Cherry Bomb if one of the Hair Metal Gargantuars survive.

Strategy 6

This can be beaten without using Power Ups or premium/gemium content. You may lose one lawn mower in the final wave.

Plant a row of Red Stingers at the back, then plant a row of Primal Peashooters in front of them. In front of that, plant a Rotobaga on lane 2 and 4.

When the first Gargantuar appears, you may want to feed the lane's Red Stinger with Plant Food, therefore slowing the Gargantuar down, giving more time for the Primal Peashooter to knock it back, giving it more time to soak up more damage. When that Gargantuar gets close to the Rotobaga, use Plant Food on the Rotobaga. The Gargantuar will probably throw an Imp. Use an extra Plant Food on the Rotobaga to finish him off.

Repeat the last step on the other Gargantuars later on.

Strategy 7

Plant two Winter Melons in column 1 in each row except for the first, third and fifth. Plant a Spring Bean between the two Winter Melons. Plant Phat Beets in front of the Winter Melons and then an Infi-nut in front of the Spring Bean. Six plants!!! Then go. When it starts, plant food on Infi-nut INSTANTLY. When a zombie gets too close, Thyme Warp. Keep putting plant food on Infi-nut but save one for the final wave. When the final wave comes, put Plant Food on a Spring Bean and then a Blover. If you misplace the Blover, it will cost you power-ups or lawn mowers. Don't worry about the Hair Metal Gargantuars.

Strategy 8

Created by Comicboss4000

How to place the plants (S = Spore-shroom, W = Wall-nut, K = Kernel-pult, B = Bowling Bulb)






That's it. Hit Let's Rock. During the level, put plant food on Kernel-pult if necessary, and use Thyme Warp in extreme situations. For the Gargantuars, deal with them with Cherry Bomb and Primal Potato Mine. In the final wave, you might need some lawnmowers.

Strategy 9: Birdstar's Shovel  (May contain premium content)

This level strategy was done with a Level 4 Laser Bean. If yours is Level 1, you may not be able to use this strategy.

This one took a while for me to get right, but it went surprisingly well. As the name suggests, you will have to dig up plants if you want to keep your lawn mowers.

  • Required plants:
    • Laser Bean2
    • Infi-nut2
    • Thyme Warp2
  • Recommended plants:
    • Power Lily2
    • Imitater2 of the Power Lily2
The first thing you want to do is fill the back column with Laser Beans, this covers each lane with some kind of defense, obviously. Next, plant a second Laser Bean in lanes 1, 2, and 5. Plant an Infi-nut in those lanes too. Press Turbo and then Let's Rock, and put Plant Food on any one of the Infi-nuts. DO NOT DIG UP THE ONE YOU PUT PLANT FOOD ON. Save your Thyme Warp, period. When the first Gargantuar appears, just let it keep going. Wait until the final wave, the damage from the Laser Beans will keep the level going fast enough that the final wave will happen before the first Gargantuar reaches your Infi-nuts. As soon as the Final Wave happens, plant a Thyme Warp. You should have four Plant Food at this point. Put Plant Food on all four Laser Beans in the top two lanes, this knocks out everything in those lanes. Dig up the Laser Beans in those lanes after that for the sun refund. From there you will have enough sun to use an Instant-kill on the last Gargantuar. I used Potato Mine, but I also had Power Lily, so you may need to use Cherry Bomb and/or Jalapeno instead.

Strategy 10: Power pierce

Required plants:

  • Laser Bean2 (lv2+)
  • Repeater2 (lv4+)
  • Wall-nut2 (lv3+)

Place a column of Repeaters, a column of Laser Beans, a column of Wall-nuts and you're set!

When the first Gargantuar comes, wait until that lane is clear, and then use one of your Plant Food on the Repeater (or Laser Bean, your choice). After the Imp is murdered (no guilt), use your other Plant Food. The Gargantuar will die, and the big pea from the Repeater will destroy the arcade.

Lastly, when the last two Gargantuar come, use your Plant Food on each of the Repeaters. Use your last one on the lane where the Gargantuar throws its Imp later than the other. The other will hopefully die (if you have level 3 Laser Bean and level 5 Repeater). If not, it will be killed by the lawn mower!

Strategy 11: Boom Party

Required plants:

Primal Potato Mine(lv2+)

Place Primal Potato Mines in every single square. Only use plant food if the first three rows are gone. If needed use a explosive palnt to kill any thing left.

Note: The Primal Potato Mines in the back will explode if any Imps are thrown, but if you ae loucky the will die before they land.




  • Step 9 of the Gem Jam Epic Quest is a modified version of this level.
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