Nec'Rose is a Super Rare variant of Rose in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 which was added in the Frontline Fighters DLC. Her special ability is that she can charge up her weapon and "jinx" the zombie that gets hit by the charged shot. That zombie is then debuffed and will take 75% more damage.


Stickerbook description

Nec'Rose wields the energy of vanquished plants through an ancient art known as necro-plant-cy by which she renders the defenses of zombies useless. She also likes smoothies, long walks on the beach, and her favorite color is purple.

In-game description

​Nec'Rose can 'jinx' Zombies with a charged up shot, causing them to take extra damage!

AI Health

  • Easy: 60
  • Normal: 80
  • Hard: 100
  • CRAAAAZY: 120

Primary weapon

Nec'Rose's primary weapon is the Staff of Jinxing. It is a chargeable and semi automatic weapon that deals 6.5 damage if uncharged and 15 damage if charged. A charged shot takes away four ammo from her clip. If the zombie is hit with a charged shot, the zombie will be "jinxed," causing it to take 75% extra damage.


Left abilities
Time SnareGW2.png
Time Snare
This tricky spell disrupts the flow and space and time, temporary trapping helpless Zombies within!
Center abilities
Arcane EnigmaGW2.png
Arcane Enigma
Only Rose could make transforming into a being of pure, invulnerable, damage-dealing energy seem so easy.
Arcane LotusGW2.png
Arcane Lotus
Rose alters her magic slightly, allowing her to transform into a being of pure healing.
Right abilities
The rudest and weirdest of Rose's ancient spells transforms Zombie foes into stinky old goats!​
Psychedelic GoatGW2.png
Psychedelic Goat
Psychedelic Goats don't last quite as long as their normal counterparts, but they are much harder to control.


Health Regeneration Delay.png
Health Regeneration Delay Upgrade

This upgrade decreases the delay before health regeneration begins!

Zoom Upgrade.png
Zoom Upgrade

This upgrade increases the zoom distance of your primary weapon!

Health Regeneration.png
Health Regeneration Upgrade

This upgrade increases how quickly your health regenerates!

Speed Upgrade.png
Speed Upgrade

This upgrade allows you to move faster!

Reload Upgrade

This upgrade decreases your reload time!

Homing Upgrade.png
Homing Upgrade

This upgrade improves the homing functionality of your primary weapon!

Damage Upgrade.png
Damage Upgrade

This upgrade increases your primary weapon damage!

Health Upgrade.png
Health Upgrade

This upgrade increases your maximum health!


Like most Roses, Nec'Rose makes a great assist class. Though the Nec'Rose's damage when fully charged only does 15 damage, it makes them extremely vulnerable. It is advised to stay near a group of plants and do what you do best. Charge up and strike a zombie. Do this because Nec'Rose's fully charged attack depletes the defense of enemies, making it so other plants can do much more damage to a zombie. A strategy for Herbal Assault is to stay behind and shoot zombies in the graveyard from a distance. This makes it much easier for plants to get rid of the zombies and take over the graveyard. Try to start attacking a Zombie with a fully charged shot. You aren't capable of doing much damage without doing so. A good idea is to use hit and run strategies, jinxing a few zombies in a group, then using Time Snare or Arcane Enigma to make a getaway, and rack up the Jinx assists and shared vanquishes. In any objective based gamemode, try to jinx as many Zombies as you can see. This makes it ridiculously easy for your teammates to finish them off. 

Update history

Frontline Fighters DLC

  • Added to the game

September 2017 Patch

  • Increased base damage from 5 to 6.5

July 2018 Patch

  • Increased the Staff of Jinxing's impact damage from 6.5 - 7.5

July 2018 Patch #2

  • Decreased the Staff of Jinxing's impact damage from 7.5 - 6.5



  • Nec'Rose, Frost Rose and Fire Rose are the only Rose variants to have unique eye colors.
    • Coincidentally, all three of these variants are the only variants that can charge up their attacks.
  • She greatly resembles a purple tulip rather than a rose.
  • The word "necro-plant-cy" in her Stickerbook description is a portmanteau of the words "plant" and "necromancy."
  • Unlike most Stickerbook descriptions, the word "zombies" isn't capitalized.
  • Despite her Stickerbook description stating she likes long walks on the beach, she doesn't actually walk. Rather, she floats.
  • She happens to share some similarities with Sun Pharaoh. Both are flower-based, originate from the past, have a favorite snack, and like long "walks" on the beach.
  • The ability to jinx enemies was changed into the Jinx ability for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.

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