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This has content that has been changed in the latest updates, making the information no longer correct. Please update it, or the zombies will eat your brains!
Not to be confused with Present from Plants vs. Zombies.

The Mystery Gift Box is an item available in Plants vs. Zombies 2 that was added in the 1.7 update. Each box contains a plant's costume, free Power Ups, 4000 coins (only if the player has all the non-shop exclusive costumes), or some gems (5 or 10, less prior to an update). They were removed in the 6.2 update, being replaced by Piñatas. However, they remained as rewards in Vasebreaker and some levels, as well as the Modern Day Boss Battles.

Player gets Mystery Gift Box (from Wild West Day 17)



Mystery Gift Box sprites

  • If all of the levels have already been beaten before updating to the 1.7 update, there will be a notification that gives all of the Mystery Gift Boxes.
  • As of the 2.1 update, it can give the player gems, but it can only give a maximum of three gems, not being too useful.
    • This limit was later changed, and the player can get up to 10 gems at once.
  • In Frostbite Caves, the player gets a Mystery Gift Box on Day 28, but the map shows that it is obtained after Day 29.