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Mount Steep

Mount Steep is a Plant Story Mode and free roam region in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. The only way to access the area is by talking to Sir Victor-Ian in Dave Manor. It is comprised of three main locations: Olde Town, Rocky Flats, and Steep Mines.


Mount Steep is a great place for Neighborvillians to go learn about history, rock formation, mining, and dust. But the real draw is the cheese: the Olde Neighborville Cheese Factory is based here, and pipes its cheese straight into town. Nothin' like good pipe-cheese!


  • Parmageddon!: The cheese pipeline has dried up, and the townspeople can't camembear it! Someone's up to no gouda. Find out what's asiagoing. Sorry for being so cheesy.
  • Will You Be My Posse?: What's more dangerous than getting between the Big Boy Gang and their pals in jail? Some Sheet Music, apparently. Prove you can handle both by rustlin' up a posse!
  • The Genuine Article:The only way to impress cheese-eating bugs is a Harmonica tune played with heroically-grizzled soul. And the only way to get one of those is to rescue the Grizzled Cowboy Hat!
  • Treasure Hunt: Exposition Al's treasure map leads to the Instructional Podcast on Harmonicas! Be careful! It also leads to adventure AND a really good story. That sounds fun! Hm, maybe DON'T be careful.

Once these missions are complete, the player may enter the Boss Gate to fight Major Problem.




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