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Morticulturalist is an unlockable achievement on the PC, iOS, Android, and Nook versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It is worth 30 points on Game Center. To get this achievement, the player must beat Adventure Mode and buy all the upgrade plants and the Imitater from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. To buy all the upgrade plants and the Imitater, the player will need $98,000 total. To make that much money, see Money guide. On the Steam icon's image, Sunflower is winking, just like the one at the end of "Zombies on Your Lawn."

In the Xbox Live Arcade version, this achievement is called Master of Morticulture.


'Morticulturalist' is a combination of the word "horticulture," which means gardening, and the Latin root "morti," which means to have a relation to death or the emotions relating to it. In French, the translation of "Morticulturalist" is "Phytophile," which means "someone who has a passion for plants."

It could also be a portmanteau of "multiculturalist," a term used to refer to someone or something which has aspects of many cultures, referencing the fact that the player is collecting many plants, and the Latin root "morti," which relates to death and could be a reference to the fact that to get this achievement, they have to beat Adventure Mode, seeing almost every zombie.


  • It is similar to the Nintendo DS achievement Book Learner. However, Book Learner requires encountering the Zombie Yeti, which means that the player has to play Adventure Mode at least twice.
  • The current icon is a reference to the phrase "green thumb," which means a natural skill for gardening. The hand on the new image only has four fingers and the thumb turns green, just like a regular zombie.
  • The lawn ornament in the Xbox Live Arcade version is a garden gnome, with Crazy Dave's face, holding a Peashooter.
  • It is the only achievement that does not play the achievement jingle when the player gets it.
    • However, the achievement jingle does play in the Game of the Year version.
  • It is the only achievement that Crazy Dave personally acknowledges.
    • However, in the Xbox Live Arcade version, Crazy Dave does place lawn ornaments for every achievement the player obtains on the Leaderboards.
  • In the Steam version of the game, the icon is the old version with the winking Sunflower on the Steam service itself, but when viewed via the actual game, it's the current green thumbs-up version.

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