Not to be confused with the zombie trick from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Monster Mash is an achievement unlockable on the iOS, Android, Nook, and PS Vita versions of Plants vs. Zombies. Monster Mash is earned by killing five or more zombies with a single Squash.


Its name acts as how the zombies are the "monsters," and how Squashes mash zombies. Its name is also a reference to the show "Monster Mash" and the song of the same name.


Survival: Pool (Hard)

Start with any of the survival levels. Recommended in Survival: Pool (Hard). Survive normally until the last two flags.

Plants needed for the last two flags in Survival: Pool (Hard):

Have at least five Twin Sunflowers on the screen and collected around 1000 sun and is neatly taking care of other rows. Make sure any one row (recommended the first row) is all cleaned. No plants. Plant one Potato Mine in the first column and protect it with Pumpkin. Next, plant a Wall-nut or Imitater Tall-nut in the second column and wait for zombies to come. Blast those zombies with Cherry Bomb. Next plant a Doom-shroom (without a Coffee Bean) and protect it with a Pumpkin on the third column. Now, when the group of zombies have been gathered near the Doom-shroom, give it a Coffee Bean. Plant a Tall-nut on the fifth column. Many zombies would gather to eat it. Protect with a Pumpkin. Now is your time use a Squash when a lot of zombies have been gathered. Plant it on the fourth column. By this time, you should have easily earned the achievement. No need of completing the level.

Tall-nut and Squash


  • Tall-nut
  • Squash
  • Any offensive plant
  • Lily Pad
  • Mode: Last Stand


  • S= Squash
  • T= Tall-nut
  • C= Peashooter
  • ( )= Lily Pad
  • /= Free spot

Here is the map:

S/ / / / / / T T

C/ / / / / / /T T

(C)/ / / / / / / (T) (T)

(C)/ / / / / / / (T) (T)

C/ / / / / / / T T

C/ / / / / / / T T

Let zombies pile up in the first row. When they reach the end, Squash a whole lot of zombies, simple as that. When Squash is done, replace with Peashooters to win Last Stand.

Last Stand strategy

Plant multiple Wall-nuts in front of a Squash on every lane.

In Last Stand Endless for iOS, it is possible if you play 15 or more flags (you also get The Stuff of Legends achievement for that) normally, then you can sell some undamaged plants for sun, then you place a number of Tall-nuts to stack the zombies up and a Squash when there is a huge pile of them. You can then get the Monster Mash achievement.

Level 3-10

Place a Tall-nut, wait for the mass to appear. Plant the Squash at the final wave, then you get it.

Survival: Endless strategy

After reaching around 50 flags, you can simply plant a Squash randomly in the mass of zombies, and you will get this achievement.

Minigame Strategy

Column Like You See 'Em

This strategy is easy when a large wave of zombies appears , simply put a Squash next to the zombies and you will get the achievement.

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