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Monk Flower (唐僧向日葵; pinyin: tángsēng xiàngrìkuí) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. It is one of the Hero Plants. It produces 2 sun at a time, similarly to Twin Sunflower, but at a faster rate (5 seconds). Once it is upgraded enough to activate its bonus abilities, the first zombie that bites it will become hypnotized (with an exception of bosses), and it absorbs 40 bites. It cannot heal itself. Its special skill is to temporarily stun all zombies on screen. It can be moved anywhere, even above water.


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It is based on a Sunflower and Tang Sanzang, the central character of Journey to the West, a Chinese monk who is tasked with traveling to India to receive a collection of ancient Buddhist scriptures to aid in the task of spreading Buddhism in his native land.

Tang Sanzang himself is based on real-life historical monk Xuanzang who himself traveled to India and documented his journey in the Great Tang Records on the Western Regions, a Chinese text that would serve as the inspiration to Journey to the West.


Monk Sunflower has following abilities:

  • As any other hero, it can be moved by swiping a finger from its location to the desired cell. Hero Plants can be placed everywhere, except cracks in ground in Outsmart the Fire Child levels and uncovered earth in Battle of the Ox-Demon. If Hero Plant placed on other plant, it desactivates (except Oxygen Algae ability).
  • As any other hero, Monk Flower, if chosen, present on the central cell of the lawn from the very beginning of the level. If zombies kill it, it is absent for some time on the field, after which it is reborn in the original place.
  • Monk Flower can produce sun like Sunflower. Amount of sun and production speed can be increased by upgrading "Ultra Frequencies" and "Happy Light" respectively
  • Monk Sunflower can also force sun to fall from the skies at Night levels by "Blessing" skill
  • If a zombie bites a Monk Sunflower with the unlocked "Tang Monk Flesh" ability, he will be hypnotised. This ability has a cooldown and doesn't work on bosses
  • Its superpower is "Tight Band". When activated, the Golden Band of Sun Wukong appears above the heads of all zombies and they all paralyze for 3 seconds. On newer versions affected zombies continiue walking with dizzy effect on them, possibly due to the error



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