Modern Day - Day 7 is the seventh level of Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. This level features portals from Dark Ages. When this level is finished for the first time, the player receives a Modern Day Piñata.


This level starts out extremely fast, as fast as the first flag appearing almost immediately. Early sun production (Gold Bloom) and an early defense are highly suggested. In addition, the Breakdancer Zombie appears yet again, and in early packs too. Octo Zombies are among the biggest threat, as they appear very early in the level, which could end up with many plants bound up in octopi. The key to beating this level is to build off of a small defense into a larger one. The player can use Moonflower and Magnifying Grass plus stalling plants to take care of the octopi and early zombies. Like Day 6, do not bring plants that shoot out projectiles, the Dark Ages portal appears yet again, and the Jester Zombies spawned can cause the same troubles by deflecting them back to the plants, damaging them.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Imp Mermaid Zombie2 None Rap plays; skips immediately to wave 2
2 Imp Mermaid Zombie2 Impunk2 Impunk2 None 400%/7 Plant Food; skips immediately to wave 3
3 Flag Zombie2 Octo Zombie24 Breakdancer Zombie22 None First flag; 100% Plant Food
4 Basic Zombie21 Basic Zombie25 Newspaper Zombie23 None
5 Newspaper Zombie22 Newspaper Zombie24 None
6 Conehead Zombie23 Flag Zombie2 Imp Mermaid Zombie21 Imp Mermaid Zombie22 Imp Mermaid Zombie23 Imp Mermaid Zombie24 Imp Mermaid Zombie25 Breakdancer Zombie21 Breakdancer Zombie22 Breakdancer Zombie23 Breakdancer Zombie24 Breakdancer Zombie25 None Second flag; 300%/7 Plant Food
7 Conehead Zombie21 Conehead Zombie22 Conehead Zombie23 Conehead Zombie24 Conehead Zombie25 None
8 Impunk22 Breakdancer Zombie22 None 100% Plant Food; PortalDA spawns at 7th column, 2nd row
9 Conehead Zombie21 Flag Zombie2 Deep Sea Gargantuar25 Octo Zombie21 Impunk25 Breakdancer Zombie25 None Third flag
10 Octo Zombie22 Octo Zombie24 None
11 Conehead Zombie21 Conehead Zombie22 Conehead Zombie24 Conehead Zombie25 Buckethead Zombie23 Imp Mermaid Zombie22 Imp Mermaid Zombie24 Impunk21 Impunk25 None
12 Conehead Zombie22 Conehead Zombie24 Buckethead Zombie23 Flag Zombie2 Octo Zombie21 Octo Zombie22 Octo Zombie24 Octo Zombie25 Breakdancer Zombie21 Breakdancer Zombie22 Breakdancer Zombie24 Breakdancer Zombie25 None Final flag; PortalDA spawns at 6th column, 3rd row


This strategy does not require premium plants. It will involve fast planting however.

Required plants: Moonflower2 Puff-shroom2 Primal Wall-nut2 Phat Beet2 Primal Potato Mine2 Cherry Bomb2 Winter Melon2

  • Note: You can use other sun producing plants instead of Moonflower. Twin Sunflower is not recommended. Try to plant ten or fifteen Moonflowers but keep the first column free to plant Winter Melons.
  • Imps spawn in random lanes before the first wave. It is hard to find a consistent strategy, but here are a few tips to beat the first wave. Try to use Primal Potato Mines to destroy a cluster of Imps. Plant Puff-shrooms in the fourth lane. It will distract the Octo Zombie into binding it instead of other plants. You can also try to shovel the plant before the Octo Zombie binds it. Try to use Primal Wall-nut in the second lane to block Breakdancer Zombie from kicking any zombies and Imps in its way. If there are not enough Puff-shrooms to kill zombies, plant Phat Beet or more Primal Wall-nuts.
  • Once a Newspaper Zombie appears in the third lane, use Primal Potato Mine. If you time correctly, it can also kill the Octo Zombie and unbind any plants. You can also use Cherry Bomb as well.
  • When the next wave of zombies appear after Octo Zombie is dead, do not kill them yet. Use Primal Wall-nuts to stall them and gain more time planting Moonflowers.
  • In the second wave, you should have eight or more Moonflowers and enough sun for one Winter Melon. Try not to plant any Winter Melons in the second lane. A Dark Ages portal will appear and will spawn Jester Zombies. Plant Phat Beets to kill any Jesters. Continue using Cherry Bombs, Primal Potato Mines, and Primal Wall-nuts for any surviving zombies.
  • In the third wave, keep planting Phat Beets when the Octo Zombies appear. They will help unbind plants around them. In the fifth lane, kill Deep Sea Gargantuar with a Primal Potato Mine and a Cherry Bomb.
  • In the final wave, block the Dark Ages portal in the third lane with Primal Wall-nut. Use Cherry Bomb and Primal Potato Mine to kill the remaining zombies.

An alternative strategy, which does not require lawnmowers, premium plants, and plant food. Required plants: Primal Sunflower2 Snapdragon2 Primal Wall-nut2 Magnifying Grass2 Puff-shroom2 Iceberg Lettuce2

  • Optional : Sun Bean2 (must be level 3 and above) / Solar Tomato2

Primal Potato Mine2 Blover2

  • Use iceberg lettuce to stall the first imp, then use puff shroom to kill it. Start planting 2 columns of primal sunflowers on C2 and 3.
  • Use primal wall-nuts (on C5) and ice lettuce to stall the next few imps. Eventually, plant snapdragons to kill it.
  • Immediately plant ice lettuce to stall the first Octo Zombie2 and plant a puff shroom on C4R6/7 if necessary. Continue planting snapdragons on C4 and start planting magnifying grass at C1. Eventually use magnifying grass to kill the octo zombie.
  • Let the first newspaper zombie enter the snapdragons' inferno, only use m.grass when the newspaper gets torn off to prevent the loss of any primal nuts.
  • Use m.grass to kill newspapers at 2nd wave, but only after they absorb some damage from the snapdragons first tho. If you have blover, plant it as soon as you see the first breakdancers approaching, some zombies will be blown away.
  • If you are confident, you should start digging up primal sun on C3R2 & 4 and replace them with snapdragons.
  • For the 3rd wave, plant blover/primal mine as soon as you see the gargantuar.
  • For final wave, let the octo zombies bind your primal nuts, by then your entire C3 and 4 should be filled with snapdragons, so the octopi will be cleared easily.



Modern Day Day 7

Modern Day Day 7

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