Modern Day - Day 13 is the thirteenth level of Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. This is the second Beghouled level in Plants vs. Zombies 2. After completing this level, the player receives a money bag.


This level is very similar to the previous Beghouled level, Day 8, except there are different plants and 150 matches need to be met. The matches allow the player to get more sun, thus getting more upgrades. The same strategies in Day 8 should be used in this level, as no new zombies are present. Again, try not to mix fire and ice, as the slowing effect of Winter Melon will be overrun by the fire aspect of Fire Peashooter. It is still possible to lose because of an enraged Newspaper Zombie or a Conehead Zombie or Buckethead Zombie if the row of plants are not strong enough.

Plant upgrades

Base Plant Upgrade 1 Cost Upgrade 2 Cost
Peashooter2.png Fire Peashooter2.png 2000 sun Primal Peashooter2.png 3000 sun
Repeater2.png 2000 sun Threepeater2.png 4000 sun
Cabbage-pult2.png Melon-pult2.png 2500 sun Winter Melon2.png 5000 sun
Wall-nut2.png Tall-nut2.png 1000 sun
Endurian2.png 1000 sun
Puff-shroom2.png Fume-shroom2.png 500 sun
Lightning Reed2.png Laser Bean2.png 2000 sun Electric Blueberry2.png 4500 sun


  • Any strategies pertaining to Beghouled should apply in this level: focusing on high-reward combos, maintaining defensive plants at the front line, upgrading plants when enough sun is acquired.
  • Primal Peashooter should be the player's first priority when upgrading, as its knockback can greatly help in delaying the horde. The player should then upgrade to either Fume-shroom, Laser Bean, or Melon-pult; Wall-nut is usually durable enough for this level.
  • Electric Blueberry can be a good choice if it is purchased when there is a lot of Laser Beans, as they will be able to kill many zombies at once.



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