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Missile Zombie (飞弹僵尸; pinyin: fēidàn jiāngshī) is the ninth zombie encountered in Sky City. He appears as a surprise attack. In the stage, he will randomly appear in the lower right corner of the screen. He cannot be targeted by plants. In order to destroy him, the player must swipe him away with their finger rapidly. If the player does not act fast enough, he will shoot a missile onto a ground tile and destroy the player's plants on that tile and the surrounding tiles, as well as doing huge damage to their ship.

Almanac entry

飞弹僵尸 (Missile Zombie)

TOUGHNESS: {{{toughness}}}
SPEED: Stiff



    In English:

    If you don't slide Missile Zombie with your fingers, it will cause great damage to your ship.

    He is a minister who is honored by many pilots, conscientious and hardworking in maintaining order in the air. The zombies are about to send him a clever brain in return, but this seems to be impossible to achieve before he retires.


Swipe him with your finger as quick as you can. If you are not quick enough, he will destroy one of your ground plants and also do massive damage to your ship. After dealing the first swipe to him, do not let go of your finger immediately, and instead continue swiping him until he is destroyed, as there can be times where your device may not recognize the swipes given. Similarly to the Transport Boat, he is massive and also a similar color to most zombies that appear in this level, so you may not notice him before it is too late. Due to his massive size, he can also obscure some of the zombies that appear in the lower part of the grid. In addition, he can take up some precious time in levels where you need to set up defenses quickly, but are overwhelmed by these constantly.




  • His missile looks similar to the Zombot Tomorrow-tron, having the same color scheme and yellow eye.
  • He is the second zombie that can be swiped on, the first being Tiger Imp.
    • Coincidentally, both of them are China-exclusive.
  • He is the only zombie that cannot be damaged by plants, and instead requires player input.
  • He is the first zombie that is only encountered during a surprise attack that has an Almanac entry, with the second being Bass Zombie.

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