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Minecarts (misspelled in the game as mine carts) placed on rails are environment modifiers that mainly appear in Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Other than Wild West itself, they also appear in the Western Vasebreaker levels in Plants vs. Zombies 2 and in some levels of Modern Day. Plants on minecarts can be moved to other lanes within the track, but they cannot move horizontally. They are also used in Kongfu World - Days 21, 24, and Ultimate Challenge. In this world, the minecarts of multiple rails are joined, adding to the level of difficulty. This also makes their mobility decrease dramatically. Minecarts and rails also appear in All by Oneself in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and in last row of the lawn for plants in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars.

Related achievements

Pod Squad2.png
Pod Squad
Max out a Pea Pod on a mine cart
Shell On Wheels2.png
Shell On Wheels
Plant a Wall-nut on a mine cart


Minecarts favor expensive, heavy-hitting plants such as Winter Melon, Pea Pod, and Ultomato. A rail that covers all 5 lanes can allow a single powerful plant to provide excellent crowd control. The downside is that it occupies more lawn space, and the player must pay close attention to get the full benefit, moving the cart as needed to reinforce vulnerable lanes or avoid threats.

It is also possible to place a defensive plant on the minecart, allowing it to stall multiple lanes; however, this is only an effective strategy if the blocked zombie(s) can be killed before it is necessary to move the minecart again. Aloe can have better success, since it doesn't need to stay in the lane after the knockback.


Plants vs. Zombies 2

Chinese version (China only)


  • Banana Launcher, Bamboo-shoot (China only), Lava Guava, Escape Root, Missile Toe, and Olive Pit cannot be planted on minecarts for some reasons.
    • In Banana Launcher's case, it says "Bananas are too slippery for mine carts." .
    • In Lava Guava's case, it says "Lava would melt the railcart." .
    • In Missile Toe's case, it says "Missile Toes are too icy for mine carts.".
    • In Olive Pit's case, it says "Olive Pits make holes. No railcarts!".
  • Minecarts and rails started to be available in Player's House in Piñata Parties, which was on November 28, 2014.
    • The Player's House rail is slightly different than the Wild West one, being less dusty.
  • There is a glitch in Kongfu World - Ultimate Challenge where the Blade-Wielding Hero can push plants onto rails.
  • Coconut Cannon, Strawburst, Magnifying Grass, Holly Barrier and Boom Balloon Flower are the only tap-to-launch plants that can be planted on minecarts. This is possibly due to the fact that they only attack in their lane. For example: Banana Launcher cannot be placed on minecarts, as it can shoot anywhere on the lawn.
    • Since the other tap-to-shoot plants can shoot anywhere, then the minecarts would be useless, only for moving them to block zombies.
    • However, both Holly Barrier and Boom Balloon Flower can shoot anywhere.