Steven FrostBreeze

aka Wizard City Protector

  • I live in Wizard City,
  • My occupation is Monstrology, Fishing, and Gardening.
  • I am A Thaumaturge

This is my wall... it is currently at the moment in need of content, so feel free to read my userpage! And comment down beLOW Aahahahahaha. (That's really a terrible pun but whatever) 😅  so, not many users are active on this wiki... doesn't surprise me...

A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • Hey, I edited your userpage. Sorry if you didn't want me to, I was only making code work. Notice how it used to have a <  s  > <  / s  > somewhere at the start. I fixed that for you.

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  • Sorry for not being able to see your thread in time. I was busy with other things and I wasn't really that interested in the wiki for quite some time. And I can't really answer it now because well... I wasn't involved with the wiki for months and IDontCareAboutHistory (TCLP) did most of the work around here and I didn't really know what happened, so sorry about that.

    I'll probably be more active around here sometimes because I have not much to do, so feel free to inquire me when you need help.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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