• I live in Canada
  • My occupation is a high-school student who tries to improve and make wikis I contribute to better. I'm a PvZ2 expert/fan as well and I'm obsessed with the game. I also have very high leveled plants thanks to hacking.
  • I am Male
Sunflower HD
Welcome to My Message Wall!
Peashooter HD

Greetings, User! Welcome to my Message Wall! If you want to talk about something or discuss privately to me be sure to message me here on my Wall. Please be sure that the topic/thread message is related and relevant to Plants vs Zombies and not anything else. If you want to talk about something that isn't related to Plants vs Zombies be sure to message me on my wall at Community Central. Please remember that all rules apply here and a staff member will be contacted immediately if someone is breaking the rules. Also, "Hello" and "Happy Birthday" messages that serve no purpose, spamming, and inappropriate language (excluding swearing) will be removed and reported. Here is the list of the official Message Wall rules this wiki has made:

- Do not spam messages.

- Do not close the discussions you have with staff without their permission.

- Do not remove warnings left by staff.

- Replies that derail a serious thread aren't allowed.

- Do not reply to threads that haven't been active for over a month.

Here are the Comment Rules:

- Roleplaying is prohibited. Visit the fun and games forum branch if you want to do so.

- Spoilers are not allowed. There are discussions in the forum for them.

- No off-topic comments.

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