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  • I'm just thinking, am I allowed to make an event committee for the pvz series, like doing challenges in the games, and awarding them with medals we can post on their message walls? Just asking for the permission.

    Thank you.

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  • Scruz1 did fluff edit on the Excavator Zombie page.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • How much RAM does your device have. If it has less than 4 gigabytes of RAM then, you can't play PvZ 3. What are your thoughts on most apple devices except the iPhone XS will support PvZ 3 and virtually all tablets won't have access to PvZ 3 along with a Multitude of two generation's before android smartphones won't support the game it's crazy?!

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  • Frozen in the Ice did some fluff edits on the Infi-nut page.

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  • Here 
    Discord helper
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  • Well, like I said in the title, the word chain goes wrong. Just right now, a person was typing random words without following the rules, and so I say "This is word chain". And he still keep typing some random words. So I am rage, saying like, "F*ck this sh*t, I'm outta here." And he being rude to me like, saying, "Yeah, you better f*ck off". Just, I don't like such things like that. So, mind if you help me, since you're the staff.

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  • Hello... I'm an admin on the Video Game Adventuers Wiki and I was wondering how to cahnge the profile page. Like for yours, you have all the highlited.

    I know you have to be an admin and have to do something with the CSS, but I don't know where to go for it.

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    • Sorry for a late reply, but I created a new page named "MediaWiki:Users.css" correct?

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    • Gone16 wrote:
      Sorry for a late reply, but I created a new page named "MediaWiki:Users.css" correct?

      You don't need to worry about replying late since you're just asking for help. :)

      It really doesn't matter what you call a CSS page outside of the main one, just be sure to give the correct name when you import it into Wikia.css.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • what are discord helpers?

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  • When you go the "Explore" then 'Community', there's a picture of the Plants and Zombies fighting. How do you get that image in?

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  • Hi IDontCareAboutHistory,
    Could you please clarify for me what this message is about? I am curious what the "future migration" is. Also, I'm wondering why it seems that users' legitimate PvZ-related discussion topics are being removed from the wiki's community feed.
    - Sitb @fandom (Message wall / Talk page) 23:59, June 16, 2019 (UTC)

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    IDontCareAboutHistory closed this thread because:
    07:48, June 21, 2019
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    • I see what you're trying to say, Sitb, but when there's stuff like this, a post being low quality or effortless isn't really subjective. There's also this, which is a bit better, but still pretty pointless.

      Another issue are posts like this right here. The person is looking for a teammate, but no one really replies to that stuff. That's why we redirect to the Discord server. There's much higher chances of meeting someone there that would play with them.

      If people who have access to discussions on mobile have a PC/tablet/laptop/whatever, couldn't they just use the forums in the first place?

      Now, the examples I wanted to show are deleted, but a massive chunk of the posts there were stuff like "hey check out my PvZ YouTube channel and subscribe" and just contextless images of game characters. Compare that to stuff in the forum like this. A civil discussion that doesn't have much spammy/low effort/pointless replies and content. The moderators also enjoy helping around there and participate in threads.

      I can't be 100% sure, but I checked a lot of the posters in Discussions, they have 0 edits on anything on the wiki itself. I don't see how the community there is participating in the wiki community. The Discussions page literally has a section that's dedicated to exploring articles on the wiki. Both that and the guidelines should be enough to motivate people to actually use the parts of the wiki its staff support. I don't understand. If you believe that they would do that, wouldn't at least some of them start already?

      The staff really dislike some new features Wikia has added recently, a good example being the notification system. It pings literally everyone that participated on the wiki even for a small edit, and it notifies them even if they're on other wikis. It's just annoying. That's why we stopped using it and instead utilized a custom wiki script.

      As for staff bringing decisions without community knowledge, this is a new system established in mid-2018. The staff had minimal power at that time and regular users abused the voting system by constantly voting about the same things every month and showing clear bias. Right now the staff bring all changes and decisions. There's also a feedback page that staff would check if there's an issue.

      If not wanting Discussions as part of this wiki is such a big problem, we'll have to just stop deleting and embrace it. This doesn't mean, however, that I'm gonna moderate it. I don't believe the community there has anything to do with the wiki itself. It's different in every way. Almost nobody that uses discussions uses other parts of the wiki and vice versa.

      So yeah, I'm gonna have a talk with the staff and we'll see how we're gonna do this. Definitely appreciate the feedback on our actions, though.

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    • If you want to limit/direct certain types of posts to another area of the wiki for a good reason, such as to cut back on posts you know will likely never get replies (like posts looking for a teammates), those types of rules could always be written into the discussion guidelines, and those particular posts can get flagged/removed as they appear. If a user ever happens to question why such a post was removed, they could be linked to the guideline page containing clear instructions of where to post, so there shouldn't need to be any extensive exchanges between an admin, and a poster of this content.

      Every forum/discussion area is going to have some level of spam, so the links you've been providing to what you consider as "low quality content" don't really surprise me; I've seen a lot of stuff similar to that in discussions before, and it's easy enough to quickly remove. Like I mentioned above, you could even write something into the guidelines asking users not to post those short posts that aren't really discussion-generators. Those types of posts are not really the type of content that I'm saying should be left alone. In the end, there may indeed only be a few legitimate discussion posts each month, but at least there will be some content, rather than users being directed by the Fandom system into an empty discussions area.

      I'm not going to speculate reasons why a user may, or may not prefer mobile or the app, and not use a desktop/web browser to edit on the side; I'm sure each user has their own personal reasons, and I'm not much of a mobile user myself, so I can only partly-relate. An important thing I want to stress is that the current Fandom policy is: once discussions are applied to a community, they will not be removed for any reason. So currently and going forward into the future, this wiki is always going to have some traffic being directed to the discussions area whether you like discussions or not. It's a product of Fandom's website design that cannot be avoided.

      I can't personally address the Fandom features you and other admins are unhappy with, as I do not play a part in their design whatsoever. However, there is always Special:Contact/feedback, where you can make suggestions/offer feedback (positive or negative) about Fandom features. If several users band together to submit similar feedback, it is possible those suggestions may get more exposure to Fandom staff.
      - Sitb @fandom (Message wall / Talk page) 10:24, June 18, 2019 (UTC)

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