A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • you seem to have learned nothing from your block.

    changing those values is basically vandalism.

    if i see it again, it's a block for sure.

    and a long one at that.

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    IDontCareAboutHistory closed this thread because:
    Just stop. It's over.
    21:35, March 28, 2019
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    • "whether or not youre right isnt relevant." ~~Squirrel/Mental Skillness

      This is not a matter if you are right or not, this is the matter where you are refusing to listen to matter what even after two blocks. Even if you were right with proof, that does not matter at all as long as you can never learn from others and only listen to your shut and closed brain.

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    • Giuilio, I'm not sure what the entire backstory of everything was and I might repeat some things others have said, but here it goes anyway.

      When you calculate health by doing damage in a gameplay setting, a lot can go wrong; other people can attack the boss, damage fluctuates and many more things. People who look into the code for damage values have much more precise information about what's going on and how it's going on. I'm an ex-modder so I know what I'm talking about.

      You're not really going to get anywhere with that attitude. You do not own the damage values, and getting the information is not a superpower. You do not have any privileges that are over the staff's and you cannot tell us what to do with the articles' information.

      You've been through multiple blocks before and the next one is indefinite, so I'd stop doing that stuff if I were you. Messages on the community central will also have an effect on your status here. We do not require nor want users who constantly try to find ways to argue with staff.

      In conclusion, all you really own is your FANDOM account that you use to access that wiki. If you're not careful enough, I'll make sure you lose that as well.

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  • Smashing
    Hello, you have been blocked for removing warnings and adding false info to articles with an expiry time of 3 months!

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • He's lying, 100%

    His "leaked health of entities" is completely wrong. Do not use his information, as it is fake.

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • Zombie1
    Hello, you have gotten a warning. That means you did something in violation of our rules and now the zombies are getting closer to your house! If you do it again you are blocked! Thank you!

    Reason: spamming pointless messages in people's message walls

    Length: 1 week

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