GamerNerd i

aka Tactical Titan

  • I live in the PST time zone. Somewhere.
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is a student who wishes his carpool would be more friendly to my after-school schedule. JOIN SOME CLUBS YOU LAZY FRICKS!!!
  • I am a male who sometimes exhibits rather feminine qualities but definitely does not identify as homosexual.

Ave, mei hospes. (Hail, my guest.)

I assume that you're here because you wish to speak with me. While I will check anything that appears on these walls, be forewarned that I don't roam the wiki itself too often anymore.

Any matters more pressing, immediate, or otherwise inconvenient to discuss on a public message wall should be taken to my Discord DMs. You can find me on the official Wiki server, or by my tag GamerNerd_i#8135.

Pax! - GNi

A zombie (Anonymous)
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