aka Birdstar

Eaten by the zombies
  • I live in RenSkall Island
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is YouTube
  • I am Male (big gay) (not clickbait)

hi lmao

A zombie (Anonymous)
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  • well, this one's pretty obvious. i hope you can learn from this in other communities, i cant really say more.

    permanent block, for consistent breaking of the UTP, and a bad history with behavior that hasn't seen improvement since you've first edited here.


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  • hey man, that discussion we're havin, it's cool and all but you can't throw names/get that aggressive.

    i'm all good with having a discussion all good dandy, the rules just don't allow for that kinda behavior. i hope you dont take anything i say or do here or in the discussion personally, i just wanted to talk for all good and fun, and let's keep it that way,

    also, due to you having a bit of history with behavior, i'll just remind you again not to act like that, but i'm sure you'll understand this time, soooo yeah.

    capiche? i just wanna settle this, and hopefully move on.

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    • OK then why did you use such a disrespectful name towards me? Maybe if you hadn't been offensively rude first then I wouldn't have responded that way. Consider your own transgression first -_-

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    • A zombie (Anonymous)
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